Man has multiple operations to look more like Superman

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Jet Beetle, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Jet Beetle

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    Oh man - check this out. This guy has gone under the knife for just about everything to look more like Christopher Reeve -- They say his net move is to make himself TALLER.

    Video - Breaking News Videos from
  2. jlee562

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    Eh, Michael Jackson had several operations to look more like Peter Pan.

    What, too soon?
  3. micdavis

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    This Doctor's oath must say no "apparent" harm.
  4. dbalschi

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  5. MooCriket

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    He should have went for Bat Manuel.
  6. Apollo

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    Yeah he has nothing on the gloved one! :lol

  7. terryr

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    I read about a British truck driver who got surgeries to look like Robert Redford, and then he did. He did it because he thought he would get work as an actor. He said he would only charge half of what Redford did.
    Obviously he was missing the big picture.
  8. JBReplicas

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    so who's going to break the news to him that the surgeons have been using photos of Brandon Routh as reference?
  9. StevenRogers84

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    The other dude was dressed as superboy lol! As long as the only harm being done is to himself. I say more power to him.
  10. Jack T Chance

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    Just FYI, there's another thread about this subject, which was started on October 6th. It's not as noticeable, because it doesn't mention Superman in the thread title.

    Original thread can be found HERE.
  11. firesprite

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    That was actually a pretty interesting report. I knew that the idea of making themselves look more Western was a big deal in Asia, but I had no idea they'd start with that so young... Just very sad to me.

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