Maleficent costume for Premier

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I'm helping a good friend Anyte with her Maleficent costume. She's been asked by a local radio station if she could get one done before the premier....after her husband "CrimsonSpider" did Spiderman for the AS2 premier last week. And as always. "Challenge excepted"
We started out by drawing up and 3d printing the horns.
malifacent horns.jpg malifacent horns 3.jpg malifacent horns 4.jpg

IMG_20140507_065327_910[2].jpg IMG_20140507_212706_522[1].jpg IMG_20140507_194542_356[1].jpg IMG_20140508_175029_137[1].jpg IMG_20140507_212805_874[1].jpg
We then covered the horns in Worbla
IMG_20140509_223859_553[1].jpg IMG_20140509_232214_838[1].jpg IMG_20140510_240811_751[1].jpg IMG_20140511_092445_140[2].jpg IMG_20140511_092620_700[1].jpg

Next we painted black then drybrushed brown and blue for highlights.
IMG_20140511_215708_063[1].jpg IMG_20140511_215720_702[1].jpg IMG_20140511_220909_239[1].jpg
We'll update the pics after we add the leather covering.

On to the staff.
1/2in pvc pipe. heated and bent to look like a branch. Covered with Worbla
IMG_20140511_093116_596[1].jpg IMG_20140511_092451_124[1].jpg IMG_20140511_092504_596[1].jpg
We needed an orb so I got a ceramic egg from Hobby Lobby and made a mold. Anyte and I made a mold and poured up a clear resin egg. I also sculpted the broach she wears and did it in clear. Will post pics soon.
I painted the orb and added it to the staff. I also added a switch and LED light to light up the orb in darker places. It's encased in worbla to hold it to the staff. I'll paint the staff and patina it to look old this weekend.
IMG_20140515_211227_381[1].jpg IMG_20140515_211253_068[1].jpg IMG_20140516_072710_215[1].jpg light off IMG_20140516_072818_378[1].jpg light on IMG_20140516_072822_274[1].jpg
here's a couple of videos of the orb lit.

Next we started the pattern for the dress. I'll post pics of that progress shortly.
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I'm looking for really good closeups of the ring Maleficent wears in the cursing screen. I can't tell if its a dragon ring or a strange crystal. If anyone has good pics of it I can sculpt from to make one please drop them here.

View attachment 326271

Here's what Disney is selling for the ring but I still can't make out enough to create a decent replica.

View attachment 326272


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I've looked at so many references.. sadly here in NZ we have slow enough internet that even the high res videos put out take a while to actually smooth by which time the scenes I want to look at are past. Very annoying. Streaming is great when you don't have a Pacific Ocean of copper to get through first...

Love the staff :) I was going to cast from an egg too XD Wound up eating it. Kinder surprise, Sickly sweet chocolate...

The ring is annoying as heck! She has several and the others you can work out (it's a skull! or other) but this is some random ironwork.

Glad you started your own thread XD Nice to be able to bump without feeling like I'm spamming my own work ;)

Do you work a lot with Worbla?


Ive done a few projects but like it alot. I even became a distribtor through a local store here so people can get it without having to order in.

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Painted the broach. I sculpted the skull/ claw in modeling clay them made a mold. Added a wire loop to the back to hang it on. Painted it black then added white and grey spots. will clear coat it tonight.
IMG_20140521_072552_100[1].jpg IMG_20140521_072610_135[1].jpg IMG_20140521_072618_302[1].jpg


Started working on the collar. Didn't like my first design. We are using crafting foam covered with pleather. The foam is a leaf shape with a stand up area that rest on the shoulder. I'll take more pics tonight as we start covering the pieces with pleather. IMG_20140520_202000_325[1].jpg IMG_20140520_210528_936[1].jpg IMG_20140520_210520_928[1].jpg

Here's a couple of updated pics of the skull cap with leather wrap. It's totally covered now. IMG_20140519_204125_929[1].jpg IMG_20140519_204015_021[1].jpg


Ok the foam idea didn't work for the collar. the contact cement would not dry for some reason so we went with plan two and built them from worbla. Worked like a charm.
IMG_20140523_203129_877[1].jpg IMG_20140523_203141_928[1].jpg
We added tabs to attach the dress with velcro so it can be removed and washed.

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sexysoftkiss I can do a set of horns for you but we'd have to size them to your head. I would need a good strait on front view and side view of you wearing a wig cap as you would with the horns on. also a few measurements so I can scale the piece correctly.

I have a couple of other projects to finish up but if you are not in a hurry I could look at doing this.


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I'm having a difficult time navigating this site on my phone. I wish there was an easier way to communicate. I'm more than willing if you are. Also, I'm thinking about 2 pairs 1 to wear in light brown for beginning of the evening then changing costumes to the black midway through. I would need them by mid Oct as they are for my annual Halloween Ball. If this sounds like we could achieve I'd like to figure out how to chat in person without posting my phone number on the web. Perhaps FB message? Just an idea.


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I loved how the horns turned out as well! Would you accept a commission to do them for me as well? I'm in no hurry....I can message you with my info

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Here's the first snapshot of the dress. Still have a little tweaking to do. But it's looking great so far. View attachment 327417

Hi there, awesome work on your costume. I am in the process of creating the Christening scene costume myself. Did you pleat your fabric to design your dress? Or did your fabric come pleated? Who was your supplier?

Thank you!


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I'm working on some of these props also and came across some additional information.
First, Entertainment Weekly has an html image I found on Google images that has links explaining each piece of the costume with what appears to be comments from the makers. I could not find the article this was contained in to verify, however the names match up with the credits on IMDB, mainly Anna B Sheppard the costume designer.

In case the html on the pages dies, here are the quotes upon clicking each costume piece.
Horns: "We had to make them very light and removable," says Baker of the nearly foot-long magnetic horns. Justin Smith designed the horn wraps, as well as some inspired headpieces."
Staff: "The final touch to Maleficent's look was made of rope and wood with a sculpted tip. "We went through quite a few before the right one was made," chuckles Sheppard about the iconic prop."
Makeup: "Baker used prosthetics to achieve Maleficent's razor-sharp cheekbones. "Angie liked the way Lady Gaga had her makeup done with triangular forms under the skin," explains Baker, who also used a prosthetic nose and ears to complete Jolie's look."
Collar: "A team from Spain led by Manuel Albarran was brought in to create wild collars for each of Maleficent's looks."
Brooch: "Sheppard sifted through countless stones before settling on a clear crystal."
Robe: "Jolie considered more than 50 types of black fabric. She ultimately chose a dense Japanese material with tiny pleats, which was "a leftover" from another movie Sheppard had worked on. But there wasn't enough material for an impressive train, so "we finished it in leather," Sheppard says."
Rings: "Costume designer Anna B. Sheppard commissioned five rings made of leather with accents designed to resemble a bird's beak: Angelina wanted them to be very spiky and dangerous-looking."

This woman also had some great ideas for building the staff:
Mainly, the lighting source, using a dowel rod and the moldable plastic.


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Working on getting a 3D model together for printing into a scale model of Maleficent when she gets her wings back. Looking for detailed pics of the costume she is wearing during the fight scene after she gets her wings .
Any help appreciated .

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