Makoto's Lightsabers

Alora Vayne

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Hey all.

I was wondering if anyone had done business with Makoto's Lightsabers before. Fortunately I speak half decent Chinese so I can read the stuff on his site but it's horribly laid out and terrible to navigate.

I was looking at this hilt:

It's gorgeous and looks incredibly solid... just wondering about folks' personal experiences with him and his merchandise?

If that hilt is available from him, I'm torn between it and a Wrath hilt from Vader's Vault.
I wish sometimes my chinese isn't so crappy and some people in my home country would get some proper english education - on every corner of a city there's an english teaching school, but still been taught crappy english by half motivated teachers abroad… anyway, AFAIK the stuff's great, but as you said, the naviagtion sucks big time. Haven't bought any of the blades yet, maybe my friend @kevinericon can help you communicate properly with Makoto.
It's just that he's got some premade setups in there listed, but none with the hilt I want, and then he's got options listed on a different page with other hilt setups.... and I don't know where things are and don't want to order the wrong thing.

I emailed him. Hopefully he'll answer back with some clarification. I've heard great things about his sabers but couldn't find anything posted about him here, and I consider this site to be one of the more reliable.
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