Making wearable/costume flames?


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I'm working on my Halloween costume this year and the base design is a zombie that's on fire. I have the soft-goods ready to weather, but the hard part is wanting to make LED flicker effect 3D flames that would attach to various areas of my body (head, shoulders, arm). I bought a 12" LED strip from a prop scenery lighting seller on eBay to test my ideas, and am trying to decide on the best way to make the physical flames: paper-mache, fabric over chicken-wire, flat acrylic that's underlit for a cartoonish look?

I don't have the means to cast or pull anything, so those methods are out.

Anyone have any ideas or recommendations before I start playing around?


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Ideally I'd be wearing them with the battery packs hidden away somewhere. I wonder if I could hide some 5v helmet fans inside the clothes and blows the fabric flames upwards...


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I like that idea! 5V fans are easy to work with. I've also used 5V mini aquarium pumps for costume smoke machines which might be useful.

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