Making Vader Lens?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by mosarmini, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Ok so I'm going to explain a story that I was completely idiotic to do, so go easy on me :p
    So I had my Darth Vader helmet painted and eyes dremelled out of my Rubies helmet (I got it for an amazing deal so I stuck with it xD) Anywho, when I got it back it was superb, but one of the lens popped out of place and I didn't have a hot glue gun at the moment so my next best option was superglue. So it started off with my fingers getting stuck together, then somehow when I turned to get the superglue remover, the lens fell on the ground and got stuck to my foot, and even worse I dropped the only bottle of superglue remover and had no idea where the nail polish remover was.

    After about 30 minutes of complete and utter frustration, I finally got it removed but I had excess superglue on the lens itself. I had paint thinner so I figured I'd leave the lens submerged in some of it for about 30 minutes or so until the superglue got soft enough for me to easily remove. I waited and it barely worked, so I found my dad's concentrated Acetone. My, foolishly, figured hey if I submerge the lens in it and wait it would do the job. I was dead wrong, because when I woke up, apparently the Acetone completely dissolved the lens. The funniest part of all this is that I'm a Chemistry Major and I failed to realize something so simple:lol

    I know the story doesn't have much to do with the topic itself, but I figured it would be a funny read :) Now on to the main topic, I was thinking of cutting the lens out from coke bottles, then buying tint film and just cutting it and placing it on the cut coke bottle, followed by gluing the coke bottle cuts onto the helmet, would that work? If anyone needs pictures I'll be happy to post some! Thanks for taking the time to read it :)
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    I dunno, if i were you, i'd stay away from glue for a while!!!!

    Yes, you could try the coke bottle thing, you can buy (or used to be able to) lenses on ebay, if you're not fussy, oversized cheapo sunglasses will do the trick......some folks even try forming lenses with tinted plastic, heating it up and using a hot spoon to thermoform a lense.....

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    You can't wrute stuff this funny. LOL

    Anyway, instead of tinted film - you can buy spray tint (it's used on cars mainly), but should be ok for what you want to do.
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    As Clancampbell mentioned, you should be able to pick up a set on the 'bay. Depending on type (thermoformed or flat) they will run you $12 - $25.

    Funny story, BTW - sounds like "Chevy Chase goes to the Dark Side" :lol
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    Hahaha I never read that, now I have something to do tonight :p As for eBay I can't seem to find a pair for the life of me, would anyone be so kind as to link me to something I can work with? I would really appreciate it!

    I am here:
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    I used the heated plastic approach described by clancampbell. It's really easy to do:
    1 make a template out of paper then cut the plastic to the required size.
    2 Wrap an old spoon in greaseproof paper (you'll have to bend the handle to get the bowl of the spoon to press into the lens so use an old one unless you want grief in your life).
    3 Place a sheet of greaseproof paper onto a baking tin then put one of lenses onto the paper.
    4 Heat the plastic in the oven - use an off cut of plastic to work out the best time/temperature - I used Gas Mark 6 for four minutes but each oven is different.
    5 Once the plastic is malleable, carefully place the lens into position inside the mask.
    6 Press the spoon against the back of the lens to push the lens into shape.
    7 Hold in position until the plastic has set.
    8 Repeat for the other lens
    An A4 sized sheet of dark brown tinted perspex only cost me £5 including postage and I've got enough left over for another 3 or 4 sets of lenses if I ever need them.

    Here's my Rubies conversion so you can see what the lenses look like

    Hope that's of help.

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