Making silk flames to attach to a


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I've seen this mentioned in a Ghost Rider thread somewhere...

What I'd like to do is make some silk flames...

these things

to attach to a costume that's a work in progress... I've no problem assembling it from fabric, LED lights and a fan but my biggest concern is finding a small enough fan ( or multiples ) that i can attach to or underneath the shell of a costume, more specifically a jacket and wig.

Any suggestions where to find smaller versions of these or any type of portable mini fan that would be feasible to work with??
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Oh wow! That's a perfect supplies site! Thank you!! I did see somewhere online to start with a computer fan... but I don't know what kind of connection/inverter/adapter/whatever ( I have no electronics vocabulary ) to attach to it for it to be battery operated for the costume...
You only need 5 to 12 volts to power them. It will actually be easier to manage the power requirements with nothing more than resistors if you're using several fans. There are plenty of people here to help you sort out what you need when you've decided how many you are using. :)
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