Making of the Halo 4 Master Chief for PAX


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343 Industries commissioned my brother's company, Blue Realm Studios to develop a live action version of the new Halo 4 Master Chief for PAX this year.

"This was a labor of love for all of us who worked on it. The project took about 2 months of intense sessions in the shop to get this bad boy ready for pax 2011."


Behind the scenes making of:
Bluerealm Studios Working Montage on Vimeo

To see more, please visit Halo 4 Master Chief | Blue Realm Studios
I can't say I like the new design of Chief's armor but that is a good replica of it. I really did that Noble Six setup though, I can firmly say WANT!
I'm kind of the same way. it is very different, but in terms of reality, it's much more feasible as an actual suit. Previous versions were borderline impossible anatomy wise.
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