Making EVA Foam look like leather

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by thehalfboy, May 2, 2012.

  1. thehalfboy

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    I've done a quick search on the forum, and can't find a direct thread giving hints, but can anybody give any advice on giving a leather appearance to a piece of armour made with EVA foam?
  2. FloatingFatman

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    Have you looked into leatherette? .. can get it cheaply on ebay.
    I would try glueing leatherette to the foam if you want foam/ leather armour.

    Hope that helps/inspires you. :thumbsup

  3. Jedifyfe

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    Actually, if you spray it with Plasti Dip, it looks a lot like leather.
  4. thehalfboy

    thehalfboy New Member

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    Thanks for the hints. I actually just wanted to make the armour directly out of leather, but I'm finding it difficult to get hold of pieces of leather that aren't paper thin.
  5. Indigogyre

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