Making cheap oil clay better


So I want t to apologize because this may only pertain to people who are state side, however the principle still applys, Also many of you may already know this, however with some experimentation I have figured out a clay recipe that works awesomely for my self.
Now first thing you need is van aken plastalina, which you can get at hobby lobby for about $2 a pound. Next you need a 1/4 pound of paraffin gulf wax, which is easy because it comes in 1/4 pound slabs. Next melt the wax over medium low heat. Once the wax is compleatly melted add the clay in small chunks and keep it heated until it is all liquid. Let it cool and it's good to go.
The mixed clay is soft enough to warm up in your hands and when resting it is hard and can be cleanly tooled and detailed.
If anyone else gives it a try let me know :)


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Hmm, I may have to give this a try. I did something similar years ago with an old lump of oil based clay I had, where I added petroleum jelly to it and it's lasted for a good time.

If I try this, I'll let you know my results.
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