Making Bard's Coat (on the cheap)


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Hello folks!

This is my first post on the RPF, and I haven't actually taken the time yet to properly introduce myself. I've been a long-time lurker, but never had the courage to actually sign up until now (this place is seriously dangerous for me, both to my wallet and my free time, haha). I am one of those rather strange animals - a Jack Sparrow costumer/impersonator. I've been doing it since 2003 (that makes ten years on the 18th of this month... good lord), but I am also deeply interested in fantasy costuming - Middle Earth in particular.

With that in mind, my first post on here is in regard to the character of Bard the Bowman, from the upcoming Hobbit film. I have to admit that one reason I decided to start on this costume is because it's relatively simple, as far as the outfits from the PJ movies are concerned. I know pretty much exactly how I will make 90% of the costume, and what I will make it out of, with the exception of one important piece: his coat. In the movie he wears what appears to be a long shearling sheepskin coat, with a split in the back, and wide lapels/collar. The coat itself would be easy enough to make - I could even theoretically alter an existing women's sheepskin coat to suit my purposes, provided it didn't have really obvious pockets, weirdly placed seams, etc. Or if I so chose, I could easily make it out of raw sheepskins. However, I am extremely broke, and buying a long sheepskin coat, or even enough sheepskin to MAKE a log coat, is starting to look a little cost prohibitive, from the prices I've seen around the web in my preliminary searches.

So I was hoping maybe some folks around here might be able to offer suggestions on where I can find inexpensive shearling hides, or even where I could find inexpensive ready-made shearling coats, etc. I am also not at all opposed to using a faux sheepskin material for this. Normally I'm all for authenticity, and I tend to steer away from synthetic faux furs and leathers - but for the moment at least, I just want something I can wear to the premier that will look good.

Does anyone here have any resources they can suggest? I'd love to keep the whole thing in or below the $100 range, if at all possible.



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Maybe try finding coats from thrift stores to restructure? You can also find inexpensive hides and glue your own fur to the insides. I'm helping a friend with this same costume, but ours might end up being mostly synthetic. BTW - we found a cheap cotton blanket to use for the shirt and dyed it. Cheaper than buying the fabric with that same weave.