Making A simple Pistol Trigger


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Hey Guys!

Ill be making 2 guns (pictured below, they are identical). I plan to make moulds and cast these. But I want to have a working trigger (that simply can be squeezed to imitate a trigger).

Does anyone know of any good reading material / references I could have a look at?

This will be my 2nd gun project (3rd gun in total. First guns Ive ever made and just finished last week can be seen here (The first guns Ive ever built were entirely solid) : effect 2 Viper and Locust

this time id like to make a simple trigger. No idea where to start with this?)

Here is the pic of the gun I want to make a mould of and have a simple trigger :


And please dont say just buy them xD Making it is much more fun!!! :D
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