making a poster look like a painting?


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hey guys, do you know of any good ways of making a poster, or printed picture look like a painting?
i figured if i use some thick clear resin and try to redraw the lines and figures on the picture, it will get the texture i need, right?
also, you could use some photoshop tools before printing, and use the method i suggested afterwards.

do you have any good suggestions? id be happy to hear them :)

Tape the poster flat and then go to town with Mod Podge...

You can get all crazy and brush it on in the appropriate brush strokes or even a quick once over with a roller will add texture that will help fake the illusion...

also, you could use some photoshop tools before printing

Oil painting filter that will give it brush like dimensions and colors?
Are you talking about source material where you don't have access to a digital file, such as a vintage movie poster?

I would hesitate to put resin on the original image as it would probably make the ink bleed.

Scanning it would preserve the original, and give you the option of having it printed on canvas. You could then add texture if you still wanted to, although most print-to-canvas places offer a generic, brushstroke surface. It won't follow the lines of the image, but it will not look flat and glossy.
well i am looking to make a hook painting like this (still looking for a good image tho :) )

whats mod podge, im in europe and never heard that term :)
btw the original is sold on ebay for 18500 dollars if anyone is interested :)
whats mod podge, im in europe and never heard that term :)

Basically white glue with a different consistency... Goes on white and creamy dries crystal clear, finishes from matt to high gloss available... shows it's available on your side of the pond...

Just Google it up, lots of info and there is even a "Brushstroke Mod Podge" that is designed specifically for the application you describe...
BTW if you are doing this obviously test first, you might need to seal the print with a fixative before applying anything on top or else you could have bleeding... No way to tell for sure until you test, so test first...
yeah i allready found that stuff. its available under a different name and its perfect for my idea :) now i just need to find a good hi res version of the movie poster to use this on :) i allready have a similar frame :)
The issue your going to run into with an off the shelf poster is most of the time they are a glossy paper. Ive had to have one off "posters" printed as flat finish on thick paper when doing faux paintings. They need to be sealed once they are properly dry. On flat stock inks sometimes take a full couple days to actually dry even though they are dry to the touch. There are chemicals at work. Ive sealed them with a fine mist of flat or matte finish from an airbrush as a rattle can most of the time will over saturate the paper. This process will shrink the paper and make it curl or bulge in areas. I just use some 2x4's to hold the edges down. Once the finish is dry, maybe 24 hours, I lay it between two flat sheets of aluminum to rid it best as possible of the bumps and curl. After that, your free to do whatever it takes to age or add texture. Mod Podge will work as its basically a glue/sealer and will give you brush strokes but most crafts glues will work as long as they dry clear. Just keep in mind your adding on top of the picture and not below or into. The finish will be noticeable up close but will pass the five foot rule if done right.

The POTC maps were actually over sized poster prints on thick paper stock then aged by hand. The original was hand painted then scanned.
no i actually would have it printed by a printing company, so its not the glossy of the shelf poster

it just seems, there is no good picture of the hook painting around, that you can make big enough without quality loss :/
Egg was use in paint for many years and in some parts of the world still is the yolk for colours with pigment added and the white as a clear lacquer it's also called Tempera Paint this may help Color Recipes and Instructions for Egg Tempera Paint

I agree with the egg idea. Just watch Mr. Bean the movie. just kidding.

I would follow lines to replicate brush strokes if you have the time. Sounds like a cool project.
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