Make A Wish Australia needs your help to grant a wish "to be Iron Boy"

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by LizaMakeAWishAU, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,

    I need your help. I am granting a wish for a 9 yr old boy in Sydney who wants to be Iron Boy for the day!! An amazing wish!! I'm sure you have all seen the Batkid wish!!

    My little Iron Boy would like to wear an armoured costume the MK43. During his wish he would like to fight Ultron Prime!!

    I am looking to get made:
    1 x MK43 to fit a 9 yr old
    1 x Ultron prime suit to fit an adult

    The deadline for this is October!! I had lined someone up to do this on their 3D printer however their equipment was ruined in the Sydney storms they had recently.

    If you know of anyone in Australia or Internationally that could build these amazing outfits please let me know!

    I appreciate all your help in advance. :)

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  2. Badgersbunk

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    It sounds like that little boy is going to pretty happy with what your doing. I'm sure someone will come forward for such a good cause
  3. LizaMakeAWishAU

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    I hope so!! Do you know how to make a thread more visible??

    Thanks for your help!
  4. Turtlespoon

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    If the deadline is October I'd start doing some reading around and start building it pronto. Some of these awesome costumes are first time builds. There's no guarantee anyone will respond instantly. If you do find someone willing to do this they will be severely time-restricted, especially for two suits, and the more you have already done, the less they need to do.

    For the Iron Man, do some research. I have a funny feeling that this is not the first child-sized Iron Man suit that will have been made. If you can locate a parent who has made something similar for their kid, they may be willing to lend you the suit, or even make casts and duplicate it for you. That would at least take care of one of the costumes for you, take note that despite how generous and charitable some people may be, moulding & casting supplies are NOT cheap.
  5. Trademarked

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    I think this is an awesome idea, personally you may be hard pressed to find someone who is willing to make these at a high quality for "free". If you were willing to pay for the suit maybe some guys in the community here would be willing to build it (especially with the quick turn around of October). I am guessing you are asking for donations because this is a charity type thing. I would suggest a gofundme page to raise the funds to purchase the suits. If you make the page I would personally donate for the cause :D

    Best of luck!
  6. LizaMakeAWishAU

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    Hi Trademarked,

    After speaking to a few costume builders, I appreciate how long costumes like these take to make. :) We are prepared to pay for these outfits and definitely do not expect these free of charge. :)
  7. Turtlespoon

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    That's definitely a good start.

    My advice would be to go looking. Search around on google for prop-makers pages & blogs, check their FAQ's, many of them will accept commission jobs. It's more likely than them coming to you and finding your thread, plus they're likely to have a portfolio so you can assure the quality of the suit you're receiving. You don't want to transfer a large sum of cash to any old member on the forums. Go and look for people who have already established some form of small prop-making business. Facebook has a lot of pages too.

    - Go on to Facebook.
    - Type "Props" in the search bar.
    - Limit the search to "Pages" only

    You'll see a tonne of results straight away. Look into their pages, see if they have a link to a store page, FAQ page or just message them and find out if they're interested in commission work.

    It might help to look for someone in your area, or at least your country. International shipping for something that large would be a large pricetag on what is already going to be an expensive project.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: If you find yourself struggling to find someone to make you an entire suit (which is likely due to the small timeframe) you can split the suit up. An example would be paying one prop-maker to make the chest-piece & helmet (casts are probably available for these already) and paying another to make the legs, and a third person to make the arms. It would take a lot less time to be completed, you'd just have minor issues to deal with such as scaling and painting so the pieces fit together properly.

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