Limited Run 'Major's Thermoptic Pistol' (2017) Ghost in the Shell


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The pistol is magnificent and worth the wait. A fantastic addition to my collection!

You have no idea how much that means, especially coming from you. Thank you Mr Savage, it was truly an honor. Hopefully this won’t be the last prop I make for your collection but I’m happy to have added my first.

Many thanks and good luck with the new book!


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bumping this thread because I thought it was a bit sad that Adam savage mentions this run in a video and that everyone started to sign up on the other run that happened after this one ;-)
there we go, credits for the original run that Adam Savage was actually in :)
Agreed, credit where credit is due. (y)

I'm still in awe of Jay's offering, a stunning replica for sure. And you know if Adam loves it, it has to be all that and then some!

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