Major Grubert Pith Helmet

When I decided to do Major Grubert cosplay I knew there would be some challenges but I never thought the pith helmet would be one of them. I didn't build from scratch but I did hack a store bought pith helmet into a new level. (**For those not familiar with Major Grubert, he is the creation of the french artist Moebius and was the main character in Moebius's Airtight Garage series. Moebius intentionally varied Major Gruberts look and portrayed him in a wondrous variety of styles**)

Materials: bought pith helmet, Smooth-On 2part Air Epoxy, Bondo, tan automotive paint, Rustoleum Stainless Steel
Tools: Dremel with sander wheels, lots of sand paper

At first I was just going to put a spike on the top of the store bought pith helmet, but for Major Grubert I wanted that taller look that the Amazon bought helmet did not have so I decided to add height with the Smooth-On 2part Air Epoxy and just recover with canvas. But once I got into it I thought the canvas was going to look to standard, and not convey some of that Moebius art look.
IMG_0207.jpgFirst I took all the existing canvas off.
IMG_0327.jpgThen I put foil down so I could add and mold the SmoothOn Air Epoxy to the exact shape of the helmet but remove it if necessary for shaping after it hardened
Then I began adding layers of Bondo to make a smooth surface, at this point I still thought I was going to recover it with canvas.
IMG_0471.jpgThen I had to make the base/spike, I had my brother shape a wood dowel into a spike and I put foil down and molded the SmoothOn Air Epoxy into the shape of the base. After it was dry I sanded and sanded and Dremel sanded and finish sanded and then painted with Rustoleum Stainless Steel
IMG_0500.jpgAfter a lot of thought I decided that I was going to abandon the recanvasing and just Bondo more layers to approximate the art/drawing of Moebius. Not really that successful. I has a 'look' and is durable but. . .
photo1-3.jpgFinish product painted with automotive tan paint.
photo1-4.jpgI suppose my success can be gauged my the near hundred times people shouted 'JUMANJI!' . . . a couple people recognized me as Major Grubert, and they were all my age or older. . . aaaahhhh the younger generation, oblivious to the wonders of Moebius.