Magua's Tomahawk - LOTM


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These are cone-shaped wooden spools from good ole' Michael's, with existing hole down the center. Just had to shorten them a little.


Here's the original:


I'll fashion the blade out of simple styrene, and sculpt whatever is necessary with Sculpey.
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Re: Maugua's Tomahawk - LOTM

It's Magua!

He said get it right as he is gonna come a callin for his Hawk! :D


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Not sure what else to call them. Just little cone shaped bits of finished wood.

The base of each piece is wider than the corresponding elements on the original prop, so each segment has a greater degree of taper. Plus, the hole in these wood cones is a bit off-center. So there will be a lot of sanding at hand. Not the type of sanding I want to be doing in an open garage in full view of the passing neighbors, either.


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Not the type of sanding I want to be doing in an open garage in full view of the passing neighbors, either.
Why not, do you do your sanding in the n00d? :p

In other news, it's a fairly simple shape, have you considered fashioning the blade from metal? It would make the prop way more - - - metal. \m/ \m/


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I avoid working with metal, for lack of tools and experience.

What metal would you use, and what cutting tools?
Well, personally, the "type" of metal (quality, etc) isn't super important, it's more about the look & feel of it. I don't know if you remember my GoNY Club-Axe project? For the axe-head, I used a piece of low-grade steel that had previously been a blanking-panel for a server rack (a "perk" of IT work). I cut the basic shape out with an angle-grinder, & finished with a rasp & belt sander.

The blade on this tomahawk looks like a triangle with a small rectangle-hole in the center. It also looks like there is a metal section encircling the handle where the blade is attached? For that, I'd try a short length of steel pipe, slotted, so it would slide over the axe-head. Then I'd use something like 'Devcon Metal Patch & Fill', to close any gaps between the metal surfaces.

Anyway, awesome project, love that flick. :thumbsup

And FWIW, I also lack tools & experience working with metal... :D


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Did some sanding today. encouraged. Sands fairly easy, and am pretty confident I can erode the machined look and make it appear more hand-made.


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Examined this WIP this weekend.

Almost packed it in my carry-on to bring it from CA to TX, but figured it is already to close to weapon status as is.
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