Magnoli Vs Hello Cosplay. (Pic Heavy) What Are You Buying? Comparison and Review.

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Hello everyone, specifically those 10th Doctor Suit enthusiasts out there, of which I'm proud to say includes me. A long time back I bought myself a Hello Cosplay 10th Doctor Suit, of which at the time was brilliant, it arrived to big so a local tailor had to resize it but other than that i very much had good fun in it. But now I have upgraded to another suit. The Magnoli Clothiers suit. Before I start I'll have to say that if you're looking for a permanent suit that you want to wear everyday and basically be 1:1 with the Doctor, look no further, Magnoli is for you. But if you're strapped for cash or just don't want to blow so much on a suit then read on, and see the comparison between the two.

But before we start with a full comparison, let's take a look at the suit itself, this suit is made from cotton and based off the 2004 Gap trousers that the full suit was made from. The suit has small blue pinstripes contrasting with a dar chocolate brown colour, the picture above shows it paired with the Lacroix Tie replica (Magnoli).
Here we have the breast pocket, as Magnoli's website states, its a box pleated patch pocket. And when it's opened it shows contrasting stripes inside. When comparing this to the one on the Doctor's actual suit, the stripes are of exactly the same number as on the Magnoli replica so it's a big thumbs up from me.
Further down the suit is the side pocket, now these lack on the Hellocosplay suit but we'll get on to that in a second. As you can see here the pockets are false in the sense that you do not enter them through lifting the flap. When looking inside the suit you can also see the continuation of the contrasting stripes. These pockets are fairly deep and will fit any stethoscopes or psychic papers you may have.

The next three pictures include the back of the jacket, you can see how the single vent runs all the way up to the band on the back, and the way the stripes fall in a V shape on the jacket.


The next and final images of the suit itself, before comparing it to the Hello Cosplay one are the inside and lapels of the jacket, their are three inside pockets which makes the total number of pockets to 5. there's also a little Sonic Pocket which holds it brilliantly, stopping it falling sideways, of which the HelloCosplay suit does. The Lapel turned up also has this nice suede kind of material, which makes the lapel sit very firmly and softly.

IMG_1406.JPG IMG_1410.JPG IMG_1405.JPG

Now we bring into the ring, the Hellocosplay suit, for those who don't want to spend as much as the Magnoli one, I can say it isn't a bad suit at all, but if you wear it as a normal suit it does seem a bit weird as it isn't exactly a conventional material. Starting from the far let picture my first bad point with this is the difference in pockets, to enter the hellocosplay suit you have to lift the flap up, which is incorrect in comparison to the actual one. Secondly the vent on the back although being generally good doesn't come all the way up to the band, due to the fact it appears to have ben situated a bit too high. Finally we have a comparison between the Magnoli and Hello Suit sleeve, The Magnoli suit is a lot thinner and fitted to the arm, the buttons also lie close together and simply stitched into the sleeve, whereas the hello one is different, the buttons seem a bit too far apart, and the sleeve when wearing it seems a bit too baggy in comparison as to how it should be worn.

IMG_1385.jpg IMG_1412.jpg IMG_1403.jpg

Here we have a direct comparison between the two breast pockets on the jacket, right Magnoli, Left Hello. Overall it is evident how much better the Magnoli looks, the stripes are accurately spaced, and whilst we're on that subject the correct colour blue. And the box pleat is correct, the hello on the other hand is generally good again, but lacks in the detail department, too many stripes, a looser curve and the wrong type of pleat makes it seem lesser on the whole. The third picture speaks for itself in directly showing the difference between the two jackets.


And finally, not neglecting the trousers of the suit, this shows the difference on the back pockets and the waistline, of which Magnoli also excels in. When i wore my hellocosplay suit i wore trousers underneath the trousers as they were very thin, Magnoli doesn't do this allowing it to be better fitted and worn effectively as a proper suit.

So overall, my vote is defiently with the Magnoli, although hellocosplay does look good generally, the Magnoli suit excels as a better quality, more accurate and firmer made product. But for those looking for a quick buy for a quick comic con, then never to be worn again. Surely go with Hellocosplay.


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