Magnoli Smith Vest and prototype Smith Jeans review

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So, to help with my wife's Eleven costume improvements, I asked Magnoli to make a vest and jeans for her - jeans are hard enough to find even when you're Matt Smith's size. However, he was nice enough to oblige me and I'd like to to give a little overview of them and review the vest while I'm at it. Sorry in advance for being a little picture heavy.
First up, vest! I went with the charcoal Prince of Wales check - although she's trying mostly to go for the 'Day of the Doctor' look, she's a general fan and I think it'll do. I may still ask Steve Ricks to make a 'match' one for her birthday (shhh!). I have to say, very good construction as always, perfect flt, and nice materials. Here's how it looks together

That's an Abbyshot coat & bow tie, and the shirt is one I got from Men's Wearhouse actually, which is a surprisingly decent match for the correct Budd shirt. So, the vest even looks ok instead of the subtle purple, although its a little light. The check is right, though!
The other light purple vest is that diamond pattern, but that's not the one I was going for. Specifically, its a pretty good match for the vest from 'The Bells of St. John', with some differences. The buttons are on the opposite side of the vest - which in hindsight you can tell from the product page, so I should have asked for the switch. No big deal there, received as expected - I can't say I even noticed before I looked for comparisons to make. The buttons are also standard rather than the black-with-white-detail from Day of the Doctor or the floral pattern from Bells of St John, but thats to be expected too, and I know where I can get floral buttons. Probably nicer than any of my vests, I'm a little jealous :D

So, here's the big one - the jeans! The goal is to replicate Matt's G-Star RAW blade jeans in 3D spark denim from series 6 and 7, so here you go:
IMG_1581-2.jpg IMG_1582-2.jpg

Not bad! They're a little more black in person, and they do look darker in the series than they would look in person under heavy lighting. So, here are the references I'm using for comparison:
I've already given Magnoli my feedback and he's passed that along to his tailors, so any final posted product or other orders should take that into account. First up, maaan this denim is soft. The fit is also spot on - again, not something you'll get from G-Star unless you're Matt's size or are lucky enough to have an atelier near you. So, you'll notice that the design is based on the current model of Blades and the wash is a standard very dark wash - G-Star's 3D washes are more of a resin than a wax, so they're very hard to duplicate - but more on that later. He did add the leather brand stamp on the back for me, which is not visible in those pictures but will be later. First, the front button:
The front button is brass, which is the correct color for the series 6 jeans, although it is a traditional flat front. On the right are my pair of G-Star 3301 in 3D dark aged - the button is black, which is correct for series 7, and hollow in the center, which is also correct. The stitching is pretty similar and while the 'hat' rivet is more accurate than the flat one, its kind of pedantic. You can also see how the 3D wash looks, although the dark aged is more 'black' than the spark denim would be. Here's a 3-pair comparison:
On the left is my wife's previous costume black jeans, the Smith Jeans in the center, and my 3301's on the right. The 'check' on the back pocket is correct - it was painted black in production for the series, and I'll be painting it myself, so like with the swirly tie, I think it should come unpainted. You can see the double hem on the belt loops which should technically be single, the 'pointy' buckle on the back loop which is square for the older jeans, and the back pockets are slightly different. The top rivets should also be bartack stitches and the bottom stitch should be hidden like the one across it for the older style, but its pretty close for the current model of Blades. Now here's an interesting comparison:
On the left, the untreated denim; in the center, an area treated with Otter Wax; and my 3d wash on the right. Not too bad, eh? I'll post more pics once the waxing is done and I can find a decent photographer (not I, I'm afraid). Its nice to finally have a decent option for anyone unable to find an original matching pair.

So, I'm sure I've missed something, so any questions and feedback is appreciated!

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