Magnoli Clothiers 10th Doctor Suit: Full Images (Outdoors).


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Following on from my review of The Magnoli Suit you can also see this thread, in which I took my Magnoli Suit out for it's first spin. When i took these images it was extremely windy, so the tie and shirt showed off rather well, and the suit has a nice crinkly cotton look within the breeze.

Without further ado

DSC_0925.jpg DSC_0924.jpg DSC_0894.jpg

DSC_0886.jpg DSC_0885.jpg DSC_0881.jpg DSC_0848.jpg

Make what you will of these and I hope you enjoyed them. The Last image is defiantly my favourite.
ANyone with their own pictures of them wearing this suit be sure to share below. And if you want you can check out my review on Youtube

Bye Bye!


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Very nice! I just picked one of these up myself and will be debuting it at Denver Comic Con this weekend. I'll be sure to post some pics.

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