Magneto sculpture symmetry help?


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I am currently working on a magneto helmet sculpt but getting the perfect rounded shape is proving difficult.

one side of my helmet seems to have more clay and it protruded from the center more than the other side and the angle at which the rounded sides go back is proving hard to seem to mirror too.

would anyone have some helpful hints and tips that may be able to help me along?



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You could use a profile jig, or a contour duplication comb, but usually sculptors use a measurement caliper if I am not mistaken?


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Calipers are your best friend when it comes to symmetry issues. They greatly help with keeping things even and on track. You should also use a depth gauge to make sure you get the same thickness of clay. You can use a toothpick and use your fingers for a semi accurate measurement. I used a little block of silicone I had left over from a mold, and stuck a steel pin through that, then when you take your depth, the silicone moves to the exact depth and you don't have to try to keep your fingers in the same position the whole time.


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Photos would help. But I use calipers and depending on the sculpt, I'll get thin paper lay it over one side of the sculpt, rub over with a pencil to get a rough impression, cut round and flip it over, then I'll mark out lines into the clay on the other side. Also what I do is constantly check in the mirror. When I did my P2 bio I blocked it out facing the mirror - hard work sculpting backwards but it payed off.
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