Magneto First Class comic/movie hybrid


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This will be my first post here. You all do some amazing work!

So, when I originally saw the Magneto Endgame costume at the end of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, I thought it was pretty awful, and really cartoonish and cheap looking. But then I decided it might be fairly easy to make on a lark if I could find a helmet, and now I actually think it's kind of cool looking.

This is sort of Mark I, because I plan to go back and improve it and make it a bit more screen accurate.

The helmet is Racer's, and very sturdy. What you see is the result of about 14 hours of cutting and painting work. I don't think it's supposed to take that long, but I'm fairly amateur, and it turns out you can't use regular tape to mask this stuff, so I had to do it over. I will probably go back and paint it with more metallic colors, but I wasn't sure how the helmet would look with the suit, I wasn't sure if it would look more movie or comic bookish, and I only had a few days to put it all together.

The jacket shows up a much brighter red in the pictures than it is, but it's a dark burgundy/wine colored ladies jacket that was sewn up with the sleeves let out. Gives it a pretty cool looking collar. I didn't add pockets to it because I didn't have time and I don't really like the pocket flap look, but the lack of screen accuracy is starting to bug me a bit. Didn't take the time to add the chest seam or the cuffed sleeve look either. I'm going to go back and add cuffs of a sort, as the sleeves aren't quite long enough. I also need to take it in a bit to get more of the overall shape from the movie. The current version makes me look a bit rotund.

I didn't really understand why Magneto would wear a grayish or black cape with red/purple lining and then have purple highlights on the helmet in the film, and I didn't really care for it, so I looked for something grayish purple instead, something a bit more in line with the comic book look. Managed to find some material that has a nice weight, drape and billow to it with a black lining, which I liked better than gray and red/purple. The back of the cape is gathered like it is in the movie.

Couldn't find leather gloves in the short time I had, and figured the outfit was hot enough already, so I grabbed some cheap black costume gloves.

The boots, which I don't think you can even see, are a bit thicker than the movie version's, but I like the weight of it all.

I also put small supermagnets in each of the gloves, which gave me pseudo magnetic powers. That resulted in some pretty cool tricks with car keys and silverware and various other things, and in me getting magnetized (stuck) to the side of a car. Good times.

I did have a Mystique with me, but she was in a more 60's/comics-inspired black outfit with white gloves and boots, hairspraypainted blue with yellow contacts...and it didn't quite work out the way we wanted. I'm not even sure I have pictures of it.
Great job on your costume.(y)thumbsup
Everything flows and fit together very well.
The magnets was a cool idea.
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