MageeFX Alien 8th Passenger Latex and foam repair advice?


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My MageeFX Alien had some problems right out of his studio. The bottom of the taill that attaches to the rear end of the Alien's body already ripped open a little bit and exposes yellow foam. MageeFX makes these Aliens out of latex and foam. Having said that i am left with repairing the problem area on my own. The pictures clearly show the areas that needs repaired. What are my best options on repairing it? I am very comprehensive on taking direction so please let me know a list of supplies i can buy to patch up the problem areas. Has always thanks for all your support and wisdom. Has for the outter tail that aligns with the back and spine it's perfect. Just under the tail that connects to the rear end of the tail has the problem area that needs repaired.


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get latex and cheese cloth and brand name GOOP adhesive. The Goop is in a purple package/tube that you can find at walmart in with their fabric and crafts stuff. Use that to glue exposed foam to exposed foam. you might have to pin it get it to stay or just hold it. The Goop sets up pretty quick. PM me if you need to thin the goop down to get it in there. Trade after that stipple some latex with a brush around the areas that need need seamed back together. While the latex is still wet apply cheese cloth "patch" over area and apply more latex. Also quick you will want to tint your latex black if it isnt already. Allow latex to just about dry and apply more to blend patch into existing texture and get rid of any cheese cloth texture that might be showing. After that just touch up the paint job. Make sure to use a flexible binder for the paint (latex will work if you dont have another prefered medium). You will need to mix in about a 50/50 ratio. Hope this helps.


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Patrick MageeFX of MageeFX sold it to me and he won't reply back or return my phone calls for some time now. I must say MageeFX after-sales support sucks world class ass! The area in need of repair is non load bearing. It does not support the weight of the tail or move. For what MageeFX charges for a none licensed product he should of at least made the main body and tail out of silicone aside from the head and mouth that are made and look perfect. I will go out and buy the suppy list you all posted and I want to thank you for your time and wisdom.
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I have not been able to do any repairs to the alien prop just yet. I want to thank you all for sharing you're insights and thoughts on which supplies might work best for this repair. I would like to get a couple of more suggestions before I order all the supplies. Also, here's a complete set of pictures to get an overall review on the repairs that will be done.

PROBLEM AREA 1: Has you can see the right hand thumb is missing latex and paint on the end where the thumb meets the nail.

PROBLEM AREA 2: The right foot toe has an odd shape to the end off it.

PROBLEM AREA 3: The rear end has loose latex peeling off slowly and exposing yellow foam.

(I will take a seek to understand approach. I'm sure together with you're guidance and knowledge we can get this beast restored.)

12dsc02485.jpg 37dsc02486.jpg DSC00973.JPG DSC00983.JPG DSC00980.JPG
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I'm not a professional but I have fixed some latex masks.For the right thumb and rear end you could buy liquid latex .I would color it as mentioned before so that if you need to do more painting it will at least be close to the color ...For the finger you can use the liquid latex and something called V-Thix(I noticed you can buy it at frends beauty supply online) there could be other thickening agents to buy . I would do 50/50 with latex and apply .You can add prosaid as well to make it stick better but it might be hard to work with.Smooth it in with your with your finger and wipe any excess that has spread to other areas.The Alien finger should be really easy .The rear end you might want to brush on ther latex in a few coats.If it's hidden it will not matter what it looks since you are trying to stop it from peeling but it already looks a little rough so it might not make a difference. If you can -airbrush the paint after it dries and it would look alot better.Airbrushing might help you get away with not matching the color to perfection cause you can do a light mist (using paints is another story if you want to do it) If the toe is also latex you might want to trim the end with cuticle scissors .You can also trim any extra latex that you might be showing on the finger/tail after you fill it as well(if your having a problem making it look good before it dries).

just trying to help but im sure there are people who have better ideas.
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