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I'm terribly sorry if this is posted in the wrong area however I was unable to find a suitable forum title. If I am in the wrong forum or even the wrong website, please redirect me to a more suitable platform.

I am interested in creating a replica magazine. I'm very inexperience in such (physical) production and I have a few questions regarding how I would be able to have the replica printed for a decent price:

1. Would it be possible to print and bind the magazine myself with an ordinary inkjet printer? If so, where would I have access to the paper that is used in professional magazines (the bright white, glossy kind)?

2. If it is not practical to produce the magazines myself, what sort of printer or printing company would be suitable for creating a fully industry standard, professional looking magazine replica?

3. If I want lets say 6 copies of the magazine replica, each containing 32 pages, how much cost wise would I be looking at? (I don't need any kind of specific number just a very rough price range)

Thank you, again apologies for the tardiness and my inexperience with this forum.

All and any advice appreciated!


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I think it might be cheaper to have it printed at a professional print shop and on laser printers...

You can have access in all sort of paper in art stores or shops that specialized in paper. In print shops, they often use lamination to give a glossy finish on magazine covers.

I would suggest to have a look around your area and see if you can have a print shop that would do the work for you, they will give you a quote too. Price ranges are really random, it really depends on your inquire but also the print shop prices. I'd suggest to come by with an example so it can give them a clear idea of what you would like ^^

I hope it helps...
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