Made my own Tessaract, what did you do today?


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Been having the itch to make one for a while now. I know late to the party again. Well bought a michaels photo cube and sanded it with 400. Will paint it with frosted paint later. I scavenged a broken swimming pool light and a coin cell battery with holder from a old computer chassis. Removed three lights and replaced them with three blue leds from the computer. The pool light has different settings. The video is the result looks great in the dark but is there a way to make it glow in the daytime? Paint or brighter ledsd?


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I would look for something with more LED lights in it.

I have one that appears to be made very similarly, and the light unit in it has like 10 or 12 LEDs in it. You can see it really well in the daylight, and at night it will light up a room.


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Ok that sounds good. I'll look on Amazon for a small light string. I'd like something that has slow fading on and off lights. Have some blue film may try that and see how that looks.
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