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    So my best friend and I are looking for a new project and since both of us have always wanted to work on cars we have been thinking about making a Mad Max style car. To give us an opportunity to use the vehicle, we also want to make it a dune car. Here in Michigan we have plenty of dunes to go duning on. So here is what I'm looking for.

    1. What do you guys think we should know about cars when building this? Both my friend and I are doing this project to get experience working with cars. We are starting as novices.
    2. When we do the style part of the build (adding the weathering and detailing) what do you think the project needs. I have experience weathering and detailing but what props do you think an Apocalypse car needs? What kind of weapons/gadgets? Colors/Materials?

    Here is what we are planning to do so far. The vehicle must:
    1. Be a manual transmission.
    2. Be V6 or V8
    3. RWD or 4WD

    We plan to get an early to mid 90s sports car like a Camaro or a Firebird. These cars have rear windows that are attached to the trunk lid. We would remove this for storage and style to the Mad Max movies. We would also like to strip the interior down to the frame (remove all rear seats, carpet, headliner) to save on weight. Then we plan to supercharge the vehicle for power and replace the shocks to make the car ride higher for better duning.
    We also found this video from Mighty Car Mods after we started planning out the vehicle:

    Here you can see a video that we are also looking at for style:
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    Dude thats cool, no i hadn't see that before. My best and I are both mechanical engineers who are beginners to working on cars, but we know our way around a workshop. We were definitely thinking about lifting any car we got.
    Check this out if you haven't seen it.
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