Mad Max Thunderdome Whistle


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Has this ever been positively identified? I know it's a bosun's whistle, but which one?

The closest I've been able to find is the WWI broad arrow whistle, which is fairly common.

But some of the shots make it look like there are two bowls on it, one toward the center and one at the end. I can't make out much as I'm looking at it on Netflix. LOL

Also, it looks like there is some sort of strap or decorative trinket attached to the ring.

Finally, in some shots it appears to be two-tone, with the mouthpiece and bowl brass and the reed (the actual pipe tube) more chrome colored.

Again, I'm not able to rewind/fast forward on this so it's difficult to piece anything together by myself. Can anyone confirm/disprove my suggestions or post screencaps? I'm surprised I haven't seen this in anyone's collection before.