Mad Max Muzzle - Leather and Steel


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I just finished my build of my Mad Max muzzle, yesterday, from Fury Road. Thought I'd share the process and results.

I made it out of 1018 steel bar and sheet with some leather for the straps and a bit of soft foam glued on the inside to make it wearable.

The main bits 3/16" bar welded together and then hammered into shape using a coal forge. I was purposely incautious with the forge to add pitting and texture to the steel. I made the jaw, nose bridge, hinges and clasp at the back this way.

1 Welded Jawline.jpg 2. Forged jaw and bridge.jpg 3 Forging Clasp.jpg

The gardening-fork face cover thing I made from sheet steel. Just cut out and fluted over an stake with a rubber mallet. Not clearly shown here is a wider sheet-steel band over the back of my head.

The straps on the face and around the head I decided to make out of painted leather for comfort.

4. Completed metal bits.jpg 5. Finished bloodbag.jpg Transfusion in progress.jpg

7. Finished closeup.jpg
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