Mad Max: Fury Road - Valkyrie and Max build

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    Hey guys, been meaning to post something here forever and finally figured now would be a good time with two builds on the go.

    I'm working on Blood Bag Max and Valkyrie for my fiance and myself as part of a larger Mad Max group in my area


    The goal is to get both of these done by July 17th as that is when our convention is. I have started some stuff already and will post as I go. Look forward to your feedback and discussion
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    Max Update
    The first thing that I worked on for this build was the blood bag mask for my fiance. Since he wasn't around, I used a failed headcast we had made from when i was working on his Star Lord costume as a reference
    11713345_10155816611065790_750882291_n.jpg 11716018_10155816611080790_1759704753_n.jpg

    I drafted up the rest of the pieces and made it with worbla and craft foam. Since our heads about the same size I test fitted on me before moving on to painting

    11720451_10155816611095790_99838539_n.jpg 11692809_10155816611180790_1481895206_n.jpg 11694228_10155816611145790_14648186_n.jpg 11696772_10155816611110790_582639179_n.jpg

    The hinges at the jaw are completely functional, using rolled up worbla I made pins

    I knew he wouldn't want to have to carry a metal chain around all day (and I'm sure con rules we be iffy about it) and plastic chains just look cheap and unrealistic, I made a chain out of worbla scraps

    11714299_10155816611210790_58979505_n.jpg 11721161_10155816611225790_1244718885_n.jpg 11717289_10155816611270790_459428227_n.jpg 11719935_10155816611305790_1374080894_n.jpg

    I'm also in the process of making the lock from EVA and worbla

    11713581_10155816635985790_1693920647_n.jpg 11721918_10155816635995790_961472219_n.jpg 11715887_10155816636005790_897904362_n.jpg

    Mask after painting:
    I used plasti-dip spray to help smooth out the details and get the black base coat. Then I used chrome spray paint on a plate and wiped it on with a rag to get the weather metal look. I added orange and brown acrylics for additional weathering and rust.


    I still need to finish painting the chain and the lock but progress is progress
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    It's looking really good so far! I'm also working on a Max cosplay for NYCC this October and now I know what to make the muzzle out of. Thanks and I subbed to this thread!! :)
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    whoo my first sub!

    Yeah the worbla worked really well, most of it is single layer (except the hinges which were scraps mushed together) but I did the jaw bits sandwich method style (worbla + craft foam + worbla) to give it some extra density. I recommend making the top strap like I did with the craft foam since it stays malleable and will sit comfy on your head.

    Really, this is comfy mask, the weirdest part is you don't feel anything around you mouth, so if you go to scratch your nose or eat you forget there's a grate there, but talking and living in it is really easy so far

    Also forgot to mention that the damage and destruction was done with a soldering iron for that extra weathered look ;)
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    This is looking great!
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    Alright got a couple updates

    Finished the lock and the chain. The chain is comprised of ~60 links made from worbla and is about 5" in length. Both lock and chain were painted with a couple coats of plast-dip and then chrome spray paint rubbed on. I have the mask on my dress form which has my valkyrie costume on it, just for the sake of seeing how the lock is laying with the chain

    11737047_10155823020540790_979466593_n.jpg 11733334_10155823020595790_67691236_n.jpg
    I also did some work on Max's leg brace. A friend of mine, our Furiosa, her mother works in some sort of medical supply and she got me two leg braces to try for my fiance. Unfortunately neither of them really fit and were really that close to what Max wears. So I went to work drafting out a pattern, which was challenging since there are some big differences from the brace from the original films and there really isn't a lot of good pictures. I ended up relying mostly on stills. I've begun construction, making all the hard parts out of craft foam and worbla, using a soldering iron to add the holes and found some screws and nuts at a local hardware store.

    11715430_10155823020215790_651762126_o.jpg 11717124_10155823020845790_973245005_n.jpg 11722011_10155823020750790_539903091_n.jpg 11736971_10155823020800790_950598396_n.jpg
    I finished painting this today, but didn't take a picture, I will once I've made the straps

    I've put together a pinterest board for my Valkyrie references including some stills I have acquired for those interested. I will try and do the same for Max when I have a chance

    Just about finished the gloves. She wears one half glove and another with these claw adornments on them. I had a hard time nailing down the color as in some pictures they look black and others they look tan, but like just about everything else in the film I just assume it's really dirty black leather.
    I started with a pair of white leather work gloves I found and colored them with a mixture of acrylics and rubbed it into the fabric. I cut the fingers and thumbs off the right hand and made the both gloves smaller as they are quite big on me.
    I then made the details out of worbla and painted them, I'm still working on finishing up the paint job for the two main claws as they appear to be a cross between some sort claw or bird skull, regardless they are supposed to look like bone. I stitched on the smaller spikes with waxed thread.

    11715976_10155823072045790_1485929892_n.jpg 11651083_10155823020690790_599563692_n.jpg 11733249_10155823020480790_1071992793_n.jpg 11720525_10155823020245790_1016261896_n.jpg

    I've been working on Valkyrie's top. I've pinned down the gist of everything, but it's really tough due to the large amount of layers she's wearing and the limited resources. I have determined that she's wearing a loose t-shirt made of tan material as her undermost layer, then a suede/leather vest, that's pretty ragged around the edges with feathered shoulders. She also seems to have some skirts made from the same material as the vest, but are separate and a two pieces of net like materials with beads and coin-like pieces woven in. The sleeves appear to be a darker leather or suede and are crudely stitched to the sleeves of the t-shirt with binding around the arms. Then add in a loose wool scarf-like thing, then a lighter infinite scarf around her neck and of course the famous Max harness, which is missing the buckle that was seen in Thunderdome. All in all, a lot of pieces, so I'm trying to tackle them one at a time.

    11736936_10155823020870790_1508435319_n.jpg 11714493_10155823020635790_1425110995_n.jpg 11655574_10155823020510790_430998561_n.jpg
    I made the t-shirt out of a tan faux-swede, the vest was a long skirt made from suede that I ripped apart and the scarf was a thrift store scarf I weather and covered with a really loose-weave yarn.

    I should have more to post tomorrow
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    They are both looking freakin awesome!

    Funny, I'm working on these exact two costumes for my husband and I for Dragon Con (as well as way too many others). She's not an easy one to figure out so thanks for all the screen grabs on Pinterest. I've been rewatching that exact screen pausing and eBay searching lol.
  8. kiranox

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    No problem, glad I could help! Her costume is tricky since she's in the film for such a short time and almost all of it is high action scenes making it tough to get a clear picture of things!
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    Alright sorry for the delay in updates, I have a bunch more to share with you folks now

    Nearly all the worbla and foam parts for these costumes were coated in plasti-dip (spray paint version)


    Belts and Harness
    11774400_10155869542620790_1740800940_n.jpg 11756442_10155869542550790_1766135982_n.jpg 11713461_10155869542425790_662751211_n.jpg 11759654_10155869542410790_2087642567_n.jpg 11741795_10155869542390790_2090281070_n.jpg 11756447_10155869542180790_307608221_n.jpg 11759530_10155869517055790_1164271637_n.jpg

    Since I didn't have the funds for real leather, I made the belts from craft foam and fake leather. I glued fake leather to foam and then used tan string and stitched the edges. The bullet loops and pouches were also sewn on. Grommets and buckles were added, and the rivets on the harness are thumb tacks, I simply used a pair of pliers to carefully bend the tips.
    Vest Trench

    11759389_10155869542150790_1560106516_n.jpg 11753820_10155869542275790_1783908633_n.jpg 11780392_10155869542365790_103692200_n.jpg 11758849_10155869517085790_1604342918_n.jpg

    Added the feathers to the vest and test fitted the belts and harness. Added sleeves which was this weird fashion burlap that I waxed with beeswax bars and held in place with brown stretch straps that looked like leather.
    Not picture here is the netting and the extensions for the vest

    Rifle: Rossi M92 .357 Lever Action

    11759671_10155869518710790_1546643088_n.jpg 11721384_10155869518785790_216482831_n.jpg

    At this point the pictures are far and few between as it was crunch time, the rifle in particular I didn't finish until the day of the wear. I drafted out the rifle on paper referencing measurements online on hunting sites. I then made all the "metal" pieces from worbla and anything that was wood from foam. I used a soldering iron for all the details including some wood grain like stripes for texture. I made the strap from leftover suede from the vest


    I finished the gloves by stitching on the claws, which were made from worbla.


    11774692_10155869542045790_1523941278_n.jpg Max's pants were just a cheap pair of charcoal jeans from Walmart. I hand stitched the leather flap on the crotch and did the rest of the weathering details and hand stitching using waxed thread. The pants were then heavily weathered with a proper weathering kit, layers of dirty and grime added, unfortunately i have no pictures of the weather process or the final look.


    11778019_10155869518580790_978577645_n.jpg 11721238_10155869518500790_16858565_n.jpg
    The brace was painted and the straps were made from an assortment of leather belts I found at the local thrift store that I tore apart and modified.

    For the short I ordered a thermal from ebay that arrived two days before the convention. I used a seam ripper to rip off the sleeve cuffs and collar.

    Furiosa's Arm


    My friend from our crew was having troubles figuring out how to do Furiosa's arm, so a couple days before the con she came over and we hammered it out in a day mostly from worbla scraps. Like the brace it is all held together with standard nuts and bolts from the hardware stores.

    I'll post some pictures from our shoots in a bit here to show the final results!



















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    That looks awesome! I can't wait to see the finished pics. :)

    Out of curiosity, do you have any more pics/WIP notes of Furiosa's arm? I'm planning this costume for next year and I'm currently in the process of collecting all the build info I can on it!
  11. dog of ulthar

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    VALKYRIE YES I'm so excited. I haven't seen enough Vuvalini costumes. Everything looks amazing so far.
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    Everything looks AMAZING!!! I love the work you did with Max, the worbla looks awesome, Mind if I steal the concept pics of the leg brace? So far your the only person I've known to come across decent pictures of the new leg brace lol. right now I'm using a medical brace that i tried to weather to look the part but its not the same.
  13. kiranox

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    I really wish I did. Unfortunately we were kind of in a rush and didn't really take any pictures. When I got home I can do a rough sketch of all the pieces though if you like?
  14. Yrien

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    That would be super helpful, thank you! I'm not in a huge rush since I've got to finish my costumes for this year before I start working on a new one, but I'd really appreciate it. You're the best! :)
  15. kiranox

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    Sure please feel free to use all my resources! I stopped being lazy and uploaded my reference pics as well which you can find here:
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    OK I have some photos to share finally! These pictures show our crew which consists of (most of which have no public social media pages) from Anime Evolution last weekend:
    Bullet Farmer: Clint Hay / aka Marmbo
    Immortan Joe: William Dickson
    Nux: Rifa
    Furiosa (featuring the arm I helped build): Heather
    Max (my fiance and the costume I made)
    Valkyrie: myself

    tumblr_nrtg4gxv1o1synhjzo1_1280.png tumblr_nrudw0kRN51synhjzo1_1280.jpg tumblr_nrtg4gxv1o1synhjzo7_1280.png tumblr_nrw9d4KEbR1synhjzo6_1280.jpg tumblr_nrw9d4KEbR1synhjzo5_1280.jpg tumblr_nrw9d4KEbR1synhjzo4_1280.jpg tumblr_nrw9d4KEbR1synhjzo3_1280.jpg tumblr_nrw9d4KEbR1synhjzo1_1280.jpg tumblr_nrudw0kRN51synhjzo5_1280.jpg tumblr_nrudw0kRN51synhjzo4_1280.jpg tumblr_nrudw0kRN51synhjzo3_1280.jpg tumblr_nrw9d4KEbR1synhjzo10_1280.jpg

    I'm still waiting on some pictures and have some of my own that I need to finish pruning, I'll update soon
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  17. kiranox

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    Here you go, just whipped this together, let me know if you have any questions :)

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    Thanks! That looks like it will be very helpful. :)

    Also, you guys all look amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics!
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    Looks great! I just found out a buddy wants to do Valkyrie/a Vuvalini warrior to my Max for Dragon Con. Cool!
  20. Katsu Ma'roy

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    Your wish is our command
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    Any way we could get a template for that leg brace?

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