Mad Max: Fury Road Gigahorse 1:64


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18614123569_2b70e5d0b5.jpg 19322331071_c36d44a861.jpg
2 1:64 Diecast 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Villes and one CASE IH 225 Tractor for the wheels.
Had to check some tractor stat sites for getting a tractor with the right size tyres. According to the mad max wiki those at the back where about 70 " so that helped a lot.

19130763728_3f839989e8.jpg 19322292931_f8841a32b5.jpg 18695853824_9effba67d9.jpg

It now measures 6.2 cm in height, which would translate to 396.8 cm, which I'm very happy with since again according to the mad max wiki it's supposed to be approx 4 meters.
The front tyres though seems to be a little big and the two cadillacs are a bit messed up because I'm using some regular super glue and, well, that's just a mess.


Beauty shot.

Now for the double V8!

Thanks for looking!


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Thanks! I'm now kind of done. Guess I should add a lot of weathering for the real film look, but in a way I prefer it like this. Now it's more of the Peter Pound model than the actual filming vehicles. (BTW he's put up some great stuff on his website: and The engine and double cadillac tops are still removable so I can still tinker with it.

21066006549_6ecba76380.jpg 21260902901_95db4135db.jpg 21064961998_b0975c4b40.jpg
21064967168_7c66ac168c.jpg 20630191124_4b6080c99c.jpg

More pictures at
Thanks for looking!


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This is looking great. If I may make one suggestion, try coating the flags in a mixture of white glue and water. Once they dry, they'll have a modicum of poseability, and the fraying will be reduced when you cut the material to shape. It makes the scaling of the material to the car much easier to manage.


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Thanks for the tip! The flags where just improvised at the last minute and now they've fallen off, but first I was wanting the flags really flying as when the car goes flat out. Your trick may just be the solution.

Mike J.

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Flags can also be made out of painted metal foil, though you may want to do your painting after you shape the ripples in them.
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