Unlimited Run MAD MAX fury road FACE MASK


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MAD MAX Fury Road

First run all done and shipped.

Hello all, I created this mask after watching the movie. I think it would be a cool prop either to wear or as a stand alone! I modeled it so that it can easily be taken on and off via pulling a pin out on 1 side, allowing the back straps assembly to rotate out, just like the movie. Real bolts and nuts will be provided in the kit to attach the front trident piece to the mask.

The hinge pin for the neck strap will be 3D printed and provided as well.

PayPal info: imaprobassangler@yahoo.com - be sure to specify which version you want, thanks.

Price: $175 usd for a raw printed kit
$210 usd for a finished version, still a kit that you put together but all painted up.

Shipping: $10 usd. for inside the US ////// $20 usd. for international

should fit a 23-24'' head.

Bryan - Creative Conceptz

madmax_facemask1.jpg madmaxsheet.jpg
screenshot 044.JPG
added in the back strap rivets.
screenshot 342.JPG 20160101_175846_resized.jpg 20160101_175821_resized.jpg 20160101_182108_resized.jpg 20160101_175919_resized.jpg

Interested list:

1.) Neorutty
2.) Skaar - Paid (Finished Version)
4.) Owetha
5.) framed - PAID (Finished Version)
6.) TuluThunder
7.) MAX ROCKATANSKY - Finished version
8.) Kredepops - PAID - (Finished version)
9.) stevetheemu - Finished version



screenshot 044.JPG

screenshot 342.JPG




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Re: MAD MAX furry road FACE MASK

id be interested in one depending price and final pics of it done
awesome I get my large scale printer today, not that I would need it. I may try printing the parts today! I'll keep everyone updated!

- - - Updated - - -

I'd love one of these in steel.:lol
me too lol. I won't be doing a run in steel, but one could always make it look like steel! So should I consider you interested? :)


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Put me down for one!!!

Cool! got you down on the list, that makes 5 so far that put down interest, I have several people that have liked the thread, but number wise only 5 int so far on the thread. Once we reach 10 we'll make it happen. I think after tonight I'll have my large printer dialed in! Soooo I may do a test print of this baby TONIGHT!


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Ok, here is a question.. of those interested so far, would you be more interested in a smooth version like in the model renders, or a version that already has some damage/bumpiness like iron to it in the print?

thanks for the feedback, which ever version seems most popular, that's the one I'll go with.


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Ok, so far it's a pre damaged version, so I think I'll be going with that; however I might make the inside smoother so it's more comfortable to wear, lol like this is supposed to be comfortable (ya right!)


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modeling in the damage in the mad max face mask, so it will show up in prints and be that much closer to a finished piece, reducing the time you have to spend on it to make it look weathered or damaged. If I have enough material left on this spool of pla I'll try to print a part before I go to sleep.
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