Mad Eye Moody Movable Eye (Electrician/Hot Glue/Optometrist opinions)


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Hello wonderful members of the RPF

An electricians point of view or anyone's help would be much appreciated.

As I have written before, I am heavily devoted to doing this cosplay, of Mad Eye Moody, and it is probably no surprise, since I can't build or sew, it is mainly going to be an eBay cosplay.

I have a place to get the coat, I have brought a biker vest with buckles on it, still considering if I get a second hand leg brace or not, get some boots, can't find the staff, buy the wand and the flask, but the eye is the thing that worries me the most

I really want the eye to move, and not just by shaking my head back and forth. My plan at the moment is to have a Sphero (picture included) it is a Bluetooth controlled rolling ball, put a picture of an eye on it, keep it inside a clear plastic Christmas bauble, and have convex glass in the front of it to make it look larger.

If this doesn't work I may need a plan b, could anyone suggest a DIY/something to buy, animatronic eye, cheapish, or something that currently exists, like a child's toy, that can be pulled apart and I can just use the eye, I have seen the USB rocket launchers that move in all directions (maybe something like that) picture included

Any advice would be much appreciated

As well as that, is there a way to make sure it stays strapped onto my head, hot glue/velcro or something else, and I have glasses, so either I go blind throughout the convention or could I put it over my glasses.
8a0f_usb_rocket_launcher.jpg IMG_7814.PNG Sphero.jpg


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I definitely cannot wait to see this completed! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, and I think its awesome that you're doing Mad-eye! I'm not great at builds that require mechanics, but worst-case scenario, you could always use magnets somehow? Either have them expel eachother by having one in the false eye and one on your face under the false eye or have one in your hand so the eye moves when you put your hand close to it? I know its not the greatest, but maybe some other experts will have some better ideas! Good luck!


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How are you getting on with this? I've been thinking of doing this for ages too, and can't quite figure it out either.
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I've been trying to figure this out myself for a few years. The sphero idea sounds neat, but it would almost have to be just half a ball, or else it would stick to far out on the face. What I have currently for my "eye" is the old Halloween store "Mad Eye Moody" patch. I took a ping pong ball, painted an eye on it, and placed it inside of it. I'm able to get it to move a little just by moving the muscles on that side of my face some. I also took some old watch bands and hot glued those onto the straps to give it a more real leather look.


Here is a picture I took of the original Madeye Moody Eye at the Warner Brothers Studios in the UK. Maybe some with electrical/remote control backgrounds can tell us what is draped around the neck. Is it the remote controller, or something worn by the actor and hidden in the film?
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