Mack's Factory Proton Pack Build!

Ned Figglehorn

Well-Known Member
Well I'm back from WonderCon! With my convention schedule free the next few months I can finally dedicate some time to the Mack pack and some other projects I've neglected the past 2 months!

In the meantime, here's some pictures of my GB uniform I trooped around in at WonderCon!

Ned Figglehorn

Well-Known Member
I was lucky to score two vintage Clippard R-701's on eBay last week for the price of one modern valve! Since I'm planning on doing the Spengler configuration for this pack, I grabbed two, one for the pack and one for the wand.


You may also notice there's a bumper now! The bumper is the second official Mack's factory part I've picked up, and soon to follow, the shock mount (bellows).

Slowly making progress!

Ned Figglehorn

Well-Known Member
I have most of the major parts printed and attached to the pack! the Ion arm took a few re designs in order to get the holes to line up but for the most part every major part has been printed. I'm still having trouble trying to get the printed N filters to fit correctly, I've printed at least 4 so far with no luck.

I ended up cutting a temporary motherboard out of some MDF I had, none of my local waterjet/laser cutting shops gave me reasonable quotes for cutting the motherboard ($500 dollars seems a bit steep...) so this will do for now until Mack's Factory drops the official ones. I have some 1/4" angled aluminum on the way so I should be able to get this thing mounted to the motherboard and then onto an Alice frame pretty soon!

The more temporary parts I print and attach to the pack the more it makes me excited to replace them with the official parts whenever they are released!


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