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Ive loved the design for BR since I first saw it in the theater. Syd Mead in no small part convinced me with his amazing work, to study industrial design in school and the film itself was one of the reasons I ended up in special fx for a living.

The Spinner Logo,though such a small part of the film demonstrated just how far the production design went to create a complete atmosphere for the film. i just love it...

Ive wanted to make this for the past 10+ years and after a bit of waiting for the right opportunity to acquire a CNC mill I've finally been able to make one.



Thanks, its bee fun seeing it become real. Ive made a few and am offering them over at propsummit.

I too have lusted over these since I first saw your post on propsummit Several years ago. If you ever get the chance to do any more please let me know.
Thanks, Michael - and yes, please do let me know.

While I'm here, just for the record, I'd be interested in a 1:1 size as well as a half size.

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