machined lightsabers,what were they made from?


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I was thinking about it,which alloys did they use for original props in movies?
Of course I want to make them,as accurate as possible,so I would choose the good material!
I know some props were moldings or metal props(OBIWAN AOTC)
But,what did they use,steel,aluminum
Seems obiwan TPM is aluminum
Same for Luke ROTJ
But what about anakin AOTC,Qui gon,Windu,Maul and other machined props?
When I take a look on MR signature,it's not easy to make any idea,because there are some steel alu,chrome plating,even gold plating...


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I think you might find that most of the chrome plated stuff is brass, copper or white metal as its very easy to plate

Along time ago I had a go at making a Titanium saber. I was making one based on the Anakin ROTS saber, got as far as a blade holder & the forward body part, One day I'll finish it off. Not an easy material to work with especially as a novice.
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Thanks for your replies!

Ok for aluminum and delrin(seen some of this plastic at work!)

What about the yellow-gold areas on windu saber?
What about the steel look of the maul saber(on replicas I mean) original was made from aluminum?

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