Mace Windu Force FX lightsaber repair help

Hello all, I finally managed to obtain a Mace Windu Force FX lightsaber, cost me next to nothing too. However, the blade is in pretty lousy shape, i.e. it's as bright as a 1 watt bulb in bright sunlight. The hilt needs some serious cleaning and repainting/ re-plating. Could anyone here tell me how to safely remove the blade without destroying it so I can work on the hilt without dealing with the cumbersome blade attached. I would also like to know who could tell me how to possible brighten up the blade, or where to go to get a retro fit.

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Hi Jamie, is this a Hasbro with removable blade? If the leds inside are not that bright perhaps you should consider an upgrade to a single highly bright led in the hilt conversion? Then the Custom Saber Shop website might just have what you seek . . . or check Slothfurnace lightsaber builds for making a new led string inside the blade? Just some suggestions to consider until others chime in :)

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YES! i already gutted mine. i have no use for the blade i only wanted the hilt so my guts and blade are sitting in my closet. but repainting/plating forget it, ur better off repainting it weathered with some rub n buff and black. u can try polishing it with zinc for the chrome or using mirror. glass cleaner but honestly u can't get the gold plate looking good again once it wears off.
here is the disassemble instructions w/ pics. u'll need several tools including allen keys, and i dont know HOW they got the 'switch' off without dmamaging the plastic, i wrecked mine and tried for a long time.

if ur interested in the blade contact me, but like said above, i suggest going luxeon or something but just swapping parts is easier.
Thanks but it is a Master Replicas saberr

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kewl This is exactly what I needed, in response to the blade,I will PM you as soon as I get a chance
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