Mac Tonight Mask


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Hey! My this is my first real RPF post, because I desperately need y'all's help in accomplishing this.
Do you guys remember the McDonald's Advertising character in the 80's ,Mac Tonight?
The Crooner Moon that sang atop a floating cloud?

I checked collector's websites and apparently there seem to be only a handful of original masks and suits still in existence. I'll see about getting lots of different angles of pictures and measurements from someone who has one.

I only have experience with latex casting, so I'm not sure what the best way to do a hard plastic cast is.
Any thoughts on a good place to start?

The Searcher

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*Necropost warning*
Just looking through old prop store auctions, when I found just what you might need;
Over a year ago, the actual Mac Tonight head showed up at auction. I’ll just leave some photos of it here:


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First post here. Been scouring the net to find any places that might make replicas of Mac Tonights moon head. Memes aside he has a really slick design I'd love to dress up for halloween

Ned Figglehorn

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Wish I had the funds at the time when this was up for auction, such an iconic piece of the 80's!

Also fun fact, this was worn by the one and only Doug Jones!


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