M41A Pulse Rifle Completed


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Completed! see post #4

'''Hicks''': I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimeter with over-and-under thirty millimeter pump action grenade launcher.

OK I’m finally ready to post some of my pulse rifle build details. This is taking a lot longer than I thought because I keep getting distracted with other projects.
I got this awesome kit from a member of the RPF.

HCG grenade launcher
Resin Thompson
Steel barrel vents
Steel stock
Resin Shrouds
Steel connector plates and screws
Attached the barrel vents to the grenade launcher, the grip and stock to the receiver and replaced the resin barrel with a steel pipe. Attached the stock, nice and long, because I have ling arms.



Test fit in the shrouds.

Test fit closed.

Now comes the hard part, attaching it all together solidly. I'm going to use magnets to hold the magazine in, and go with a fake counter for now.

I was hoping to have this ready for the Burlington prop party but my family keeps getting in the way and making me do Dad stuff. I'd like to thank Canadian Tire for their blank looks:lol Comments and suggestions appreciated.

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Re: M41A on the workbench

Looking good Neil! Once you have the GL attached to the Thompson, the shrouds do a great job holding it all together. Just make sure to tap the screw holes in the resin shrouds. I went the extra step and epoxied in aluminum female screw posts on the lower 6 holes the hold the mag well together.

Below is a link on how I made my HGC GL 'rack'. All you need is a the proper length spring, a dremel and a piece of scrap metal to hold it all together.

The Aliens Legacy • View topic - Leftover Pulse Rifle Parts build.

Good luck!


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Re: M41A on the workbench


Good idea adding the female screw posts. Way better than tapping into the resin. I will definately do that! That's an awesome mod for the GL, I may try that at a later date.



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Re: M41A on the workbench

Ok I final finished this baby on the weekend! I might do a little more dry brush weathering on the shrouds and GL front. The counter is just a print-out, not sure I want to spend the bucks on an LED counter, I’d rather buy a VP-70 kit to add to the collection.Now I need to come up with a wall mount display, it’s too big for my shelves.






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Looks Good :cool.

I'm in the middle of rebuilding my old MiM kit. Did you do anything to secure the shroud together, or is just the 2 allen bolts? The allen bolts on mine, pulled through the shroud, because the walls were exceptionally thin. I'm devising a pin system, to connect the shroud halves. I hope between the pins and glue, it'll be damn-near unbreakable.



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OMG I never noticed my foot in that pic before:eek I should really be wearing shoes in my workroom for safety (OT those toes are original not recasts):behave

The large screws on the top of the shrouds actually thread into separate resin blocks (black blocks in the bottom left corner of the unbuilt pic) that fit into recesses in the shrouds. These blocks act as both pins to align both halves and prevent you from crushing the shrouds together. The 2 small plates on either side of the mag housing hold together the shrouds at the bottom, and 2 bent plate strips top and bottom on the back end hold tight around the stock. All the shroud connector plates are steel.

The hardest part of this build was making an aluminum bracket to support the GL under the front of the receiver. I used a steel pipe for the barrel which supports the GL at the front.


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The MiM kit has the resin spacer blocks, as well. It's just that my shrouds were so warped, that when I tightened down the bolts, they pulled clear through the shroud. Unfortunately, I didn't know enough about resin kits, back then and I didn't have another Pulse Rifle to look at, to compare shapes and profiles with. So, back then, whenever there was a gap, I just filled it with 2-part epoxy.

But for the last 3 weeks, I've been re-building mine, from the bottom, up. I've taken out as much warpage as possible, re-sculpted damaged parts, used apoxie sculpt to fill in the remaining gaps and now I'm up to final fit and adjustments. Then into the paint booth :cool.

Your kit looks like an updated version of that old kit. Perhaps someone had the MiM kit and added in the metal bits. I know I jumped on the run of metal barrel vents and shoulder stocks, when they were offered, years ago. Yours even has the same crazy blue colored thompson grip. But it looks like you got a good copy of the shroud.

And I love the idea for attaching the thompson to the spas cage - I may have to make a modified version of that, for myself :love.

Again - great build...now go get a double-digit 7 segment display and get some proper electronics on there :lol



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Thanks Sime, you did all the hard work sourcing the parts!

I don't want to be the guy on the RPF who is more known for his toes than his props:lol


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Got mine from Slimesquare:thumbsup

They seem to come up in the junkyard from time to time. You could try a WTB thread. A good place to go is the Aliens Legacy board too.


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"Any idea where the resin Thompson came from??"

The person I got this kit from worked on the ICONS kits....I replaced as much as the ICONS stuff as I could, but the resin receiver was included with the kit that I had received. I'm pretty sure he said most of the stuff came from the ICONS molds before they trade marked the gun kits on the bottom.
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