M-31 Firefox, scale plane replica

craig g

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Words cannot describe the horror I feel over this.
The brutality of human beings never ceases to sicken me.
My prayers are with your son and all your family.


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Dear Lord, Will- I hadn't heard...

You should still have my number- please feel free to call me if you need help- I'm "just down the road" in Kissimmee still.

Perhaps some grim testimony of blame towards "strangers" or some demented passer-by could at least rationalize such a thing but to have it involve family- there is no sense made of the senseless.

There's no voice of reason I can offer to such an unreasonable event-words are simply staunched to grim silence by such things...

There's many here ["digitally"] who love and value you- just as I'm sure there are many around you in this physical location- count me as one amongst the many regardless of where we may be.

Hearts & Prayers, BrotherMan- Hearts & Prayers...



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Howdy gang, just thought I'd chime in here breifly to say things are starting to finally smooth out so I can get back to my projects..rough road to recovery on this especially for my son. As a result, we had to have his left eye removed, now he's just got the right eye. He's legally blind with vision of 20/200 in this right eye. This is even more heart wrenching for me as I have been legally blind in my left eye since I was 6. This is really tough but we're getting through it. I hope to be back to work on the MIG soon
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Hey Will, I think I speak for everyone when I say:
1) we're all really glad to hear from you, and that the project isn't dead!
2) most importantly, take all the time you need - your family is in our thoughts and prayers!


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Glad to hear you and your son are on the up-and-up. Is there still an interest list? If so, I wouldn't mind being on it. Cheers.


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Will, good to hear that your family is on the road to recovery. Please check in once and a while to let us know how things are going with your son. You are in my families prayers.


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I didn't realize how long it's been since I updated this build thread. As you will all know by reading about my more recent life trajedy, things kinda slowed up accordingly modelling wise. One a very good note, my son is coping well with his new situation, though it's always something new each and everyday since. He did end up having to have his left eye removed in order to give the right eye any hope of recovery. That was pretty much the first order of things when we arrived at Bascom Palmer in Miami and saw him for the first time after the incident. This was only after we got through family services and the court hearing to allow us to see him. It was really rough waiting three days to even get any idea of what was going on, news helicopters circling like vultures and the like, it was very nerve racking. Anyway, once we were able to see him through the court order, within about 5 minutes of seeing our son for the first time since the incident, we were told by the surgeon that they wanted to remove the eye and wanted my and my wife's permission to do so. What a wake up call for me, being blind in my left eye since I was 6. The end result of this is that he has little to no chance of any improvment of vision in his right eye and is legally blind as a result. Honestly, it's a non stop nightmare for me everytime I look into his eyes and see the damage, but he's doing pretty well with it. I really don't think he's processed what happened to him yet. I guess it will be a while.

I have started back on the Firefox project a little though as things have started quieting down a bit. modeling relaxes me and I could use some relaxing :)
Show ya some update pics of the Fox shortly. Oh, incidentally, I went back to page 1 of this thread and fixed all the broken photo links. I'm sorry if there are any repeats, but I think I got rid of most if not all of them so enjoy...


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Hey, Will! Good to see you posting again! :) I'm so glad to hear your son is coping well with his situation, I can only imagine the heartbreak you have been though this past year. My hopes and prayers are with your son, you and your family.


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Here's the new defense pod master pattern. Please note the tiny barrels inside the holes... since these pics were taken, I've molded and cast 5 of these for the master patterns, modified the vertical stabilizer to accept one of these as well as well as two more for the wings.


Hi. I always thought that these pods had four dispensors rather than five. Can you tell me what data you are basing this on? Also, can you tell me what diameter you think these holes are and how far they extend into the pod (ie. their length)? I presume all four wing mounted and fin mounted pods are of the same dimensions, while the ones in the corners of the engine cowlings are also similar, but merge with the fuselage?

Thanks in advance for the info!:)


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What a terrible thing to happen to your son and your family. Best wishes.
I hope that modelling brings you a bit of joy.



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I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Ric.
I am a certified welder and professional model builder.
I would like to know where I can purchase this Mig-31 Firefox 1/32 scale aircraft replica?
Thank You And Have A Nice Day!


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Not on this forum since, as noted above, Will was banned. (Whut he do, anyway?)

Don't know whether he's resurfaced anywhere else, could maybe try Resin Illuminati. But don't hold your breath - we've been waiting ten or fifteen years now on this project. Willie has unbeatable refs and mad skillz, but in a hurry, he ain't. Also, terrible family problems.

Welcome to the forum, BTW.


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Gone but not forgotten.
Can't " swear " to it, need a Mod for that..

But, I believe he got Banned for not delivering
on product ? I know he made a pretty damn nice Krull
Glaive and sold them in the Junkyard. BUT, he also took
ALLOT of peoples money for built up Glaives and didn't' deliver..

That right there will get you in hot water... :unsure

I'd love too see the Mig come to light too...

But, don't ever count on hit happening... :behave


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Oh - yeah, that rings a bell. Yeah, think you're likely right: "12.01.2011 Firefoxm31 has been banned for sales related issues."

LOVE the Firefox and if this one happens it'll be the best kit by a mile, but yeah, really doubtful at this point.
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