Lycra suit tips for newb


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Hi everyone!

Brand new here and completing my first project (scarlet spider). I had done a very easy "The Human Spider" from Spider-Man which was a nice intro. Anyway, any tips for a first timer would be much appreciated. Or a link if there is already another topic like this. I know a cod piece is a MUST, so definitely getting one of those, but what do people usually wear under these? I want to wear something close fitting, but also want to minimize the "lines" of the fabric underneath.

Also, what is the best way to wash the suits? Is there a way to remove something that has been glued without ruining the suit?

I look forward to hearing your help, and also wasting most of my work days on this forum!


Also, shout out to Peek73 and martinezjoe182 for their builds. It helped me a lot. also to TJack for helping me out with a face shell.
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