Limited Run Luke / Vader ANH shared stunt saber kit

Just got my hilt today. Looks great. Starting to put the pieces together. I have a couple of questions: Are the holes in the middle of the hilt for the inner clamp tabs to help lock into place? Wanted to verify before grinding down the bottom two tabs. Last question. Is the red button supposed to screw all the way on? I can only screw in a full turn.
Just got my hilt today. Looks great. Starting to put the pieces together. I have a couple of questions: Are the holes in the middle of the hilt for the inner clamp tabs to help lock into place? Wanted to verify before grinding down the bottom two tabs. Last question. Is the red button supposed to screw all the way on? I can only screw in a full turn.
I'm not sure what you call the holes in the middle, the two set screws? They are there to secure the motor. The clamp tabs need to be grinded. And make sure to protect the tube with paper or something when sliding the clamp to avoid scratches.

It's normal for the red button to not go far to be screen-accurate, I think the original was also sitting on the core, most probably glued, I don't think they went to the trouble of threading it like I did.
Please be extremely cautious when threading the red button though, like I explained in the assembly guide before, the threads are extremely fragile and prone to threading sideways because of the fact they are interrupted because of the tube shape.
I hope you guys enjoy yours sabers :) feel free to share photos in your collection, I love customers pics!

Next batch is almost ready :)
Cheers all
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Hi there,
second batch of motorized sabers will be released tomorrow, Monday 24th at 8PM CET. 24h from this post time stamp.
There will be 13 motorized sabers in this batch and 8 kits and 2 static still left in stock right now.

I haven't received an order from RoyDeckard MechRep amnesia0287 Scott2815 luke moonwalker maicotattoo cphaeng NCC1027 Nerdywan01 ventuoguy kurtyboy Dewy Saberhoarder Boba Flint
I am tagging you so you hopefully get a notification and are aware of the new release.

If you were on the list and cannot afford to buy anymore, I understand, but please get in touch to let me know, I would appreciate it. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I am having more and more people in my latest run signing up on the interest list and not buying when the time comes. We speak a lot of people doing run that fail and running away with the money, this is the other way around, I am funding my runs based on the interest lists, people that don't buy and don't get in touch are running with my money, so, If I don't hear from them, they will be blacklisted and banned from future interest list on my runs. Sorry for the negative part, believe me, I would love to avoid this but it is happening a lot lately, and some people even ignore pms. I don't want to ever take money upfront, so I have to find solutions to protect myself and keep offering cool stuff to the cool guys here!

thank you all!
I think a lot of people are starting to receive their sabers, I hope you like them :)
Received Mine On Saturday.

Such an amazing product. Currently have them on my workbench working on adding all vintage parts to them.

From Top To Bottom

ANH Vader Square Shroud Motorized
ANH Luke Pipe Stunt Motorized
ANH Vader Shared Stunt Motorized

I will be a returning customer. Nothing but good things to say about these products :)

Thank you Evan! much appreciated. Evan is the one that asked me to do this saber, I think we are all thankfull :)

The second batch is ready for tonight!
the release is now in 4h. Still 8PM CET as planned :) grab one when they are released or miss them this time, this is the last chance! 65 kits done in total for that run, 40 of those motorized! I'm not doing that again in the future, I can't deny this was a super cool project, but there are other cool things to focus on too ;-)


Even though the "formalities for importing" my motorized one are still underway, I can't wait to get it in! From what I've seen so far, these things are incredible! Whoever has second thoughts or missed out the first time, I wouldn't let this opportunity pass me by
After a stop at the PO, and a couple hours putting all the parts on, some minor weathering with a little bit of steel wool, I'd like to present my motor stunt. Can't even express how COOL this thing is, easily the best prop I own now. 8 batteries later, and this thing came to life. Huge shoutout to eethan again for his fantastic craftsmanship, and his commitment to customer outreach to ensure everything is satisfactory! I look forward to his future releases.
Apologies for the photos, I don't pride myself as a renowned photographer :/


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Sorry, I had to make a quick maintenance on the website as a module needed an update! really sorry, everything is back online.
All orders from last night and today are packed and labelled, they will be picked up tomorrow morning, but I have already sent you the tracking numbers by email for organization on my end. Please check your spams if you don't see an email.

left in stock:
4x base kits
3x motor ready kits
1x Static assembled kit
4x motorized assembled kits
get them while you can, this is it after this!

cheers all
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Mine arrived as well :cool: Thank you Eethan (and your mother!) for all you hard work and dedication to these projects. Now, if only I could find the vintage eye and button I set aside, :rolleyes::lol:

Mine arrived as well :cool: Thank you Eethan (and your mother!) for all you hard work and dedication to these projects. Now, if only I could find the vintage eye and button I set aside, :rolleyes::lol:

thanks a lot Dave, much appreciated!
oh no... I sincerely hope you find them! not fun...
Hey there,
I had to remove from stock the motor ready kits as a customer needed all the wires i had on hand for his own builds, but I have received all the material needed today and will be restocking all versions tomorrow, including the Static assembled sabers and different kind of wire kits. more infos tomorrow.

I explained before that I made a blade for my saber from a glomex 1.2m RA300 antenna and that I had to cheat a bit because the antenna was a bit thick. I wanted a very specific look at the base with a tiny bit of the black portion of the ball bearing showing, and to achieve this, i had to make a super super thin outer ring for the blade. have now received 1.5m RA112 antennas and they are indeed thinner at the base, a bit too thin actually... So, now I made blades with an accurate outer ring, but the base of the blade is very slightly too thin compared to the refs, so it's not perfect either. I guess the vintage part they used at the time was right in between the RA300 and RA112.
anyways, it looks pretty good :)

removing the innards, much easier on this version than on the RA300. Then the first few cm are not tappered, so I cut a few cm away from the plastic base, where the tapper starts, no really quick work on the antenna itself.

then, machining the inner core (with a taper just like the antenna):

and I guess I didn't take more pics, so onto the comparison and result.
cheat RA300 on the left, new RA112 on the right.

new RA112 on the left, old RA300 on the right:

old RA300 on the left, new RA112 on the right:

and a comparison of the result on the sabers. Basically, I like both as they are both close to what I wanted with the bearing showing, however, the RA112 is a tiny bit too thin and the the collar on the RA300 is also too thin so it won't even really show if I add reflective material to the blade.

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Hi there,

I have made new wire sets today and the motor ready kits and wiring kits are back in stock.
I had to increase the price of the wiring kits to 25€ as the white switch and connectors i had to source again were more expensive this time around.
I have however added a variation on the listing and you can choose if you need a switch or not, saving you 2.5€ if you don't.
The wiring kits without a switch can be used if you have your own vintage switch or like several customers have done already, for their square shroud saber with a mini toggle switch like the Obi stunt.

Here are the numbers left in stock. If you are interested, seriously get on it now because they are almost gone.
base kits
3x motor ready kits
0x Static assembled kit
2x motorized assembled kits
I'll try to convert 1 or 2 base kits to Static assembled if I have the time.

I'm glad they are almost sold out, and luckily, there are already a few people that were not on the list that jumped on those when they went public, however, i'm really sad to repport that there are 12 people from the interest list that didn't buy! 12 people! that is 25% of the interest list that didn't buy when the time came. Very hard for a run that is paid entirely up front by myself and it's starting to become a habit sadly, that is why my wife stopped this and took another job and I hope it won't come down to this for me as well.
In any case, I always try to make more than the interest list to avoid people stressing out that they will miss out, but that means I won't make as many next time as it isn't viable for me if they don't sell.

Anyways! In any case, a huge thank you to all my returning customers and to all the customers from the interest list that kept their word and bought the sabers when they got released, I really appreciate it, thanks to you, I can not only eat, but also think about bringing another cool project for you guys :) I don't have a huge customer base, but I have some very faithfull returning customers that I know I can trust and that I really love! I never really want to ask for payments up front, but I'll definitely be more carefull for my next interest list with new customers and with customers that already dropped out several times on my runs.

On another note, I have also finally taken a minute to apply the vinyle tape to my Vader stunt. That is not easy! very hard to get a clean result, I really get why the original is so wonky and you can see the tape tear offs all around the shroud. I have managed to get a pretty clean result with a bit of patience and am happy with the result :)
(the tape is a bit too close to the set screw and it's not very straight all around, but that will have to do for now, unless I decide to try again. But I would be worried to make it worse the second time around to be honest.)


cheers all!
Finished mine today! I got a motor-ready kit so I had to source the battery box and motor. This was a super-fun project and even less work than I anticipated. I couldn't be happier - Thanks eethan!

View attachment 1836942

View attachment 1836943
Awesome! This is the first motor ready kit that I see finished, I'm really glad you managed to do it and enjoyed it, that's really great :)
Thank you for sharing the pics!

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