Luke Skywalker ROTJ hardware lightsaber


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Hello all. Here's a small project I whipped up this past month. It's by no means a replica, but I rather like how it turned out:
Luke Saber (4).jpgLuke Saber (12).jpgLuke Saber (13).jpgLuke Saber (3).jpgLuke Saber (14).jpg
It's based off of a 1.5" flanged sink pipe, with a polypropylene sink tube covered with poly washers for the ribbed section. The neck is a 3/4" piece of polycarbonate tubing with a hose bushing for the wind vane (or whatever that part is called). The emitter is the flanged end of the sink pipe stuck over an old LED module housing from The Custom Saber Shop. I'll admit I cheated with the pommel, as it's from an Obi-Wan basic toy lightsaber. The painted plastic stands out a bit against the metal pipe, but it works for me. I'd love some feedback!
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Hi there, I'd love to give you any feedback once you start adding some nice pictures or try adding them again since they don't seem to be working :)

Right you are! The total length is close to 12". Again, not the most accurate Luke saber, but it's immediately recognizable.
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