Luke Skywalker ANH crystal chamber reveal lightsaber, cheapo hardware version :)


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Hey Kids,
I really love the look of the reveal lightsabers, but sadly I do not have the disposable income to buy one from a "master maker" or to be crazy elaborate with one. So I decided to try out a hardware version with minimum purchasing, to see what I could craft. I used Lego, hard drive parts and metal tubing mostly. It's a bit crude, but hey I like it and it cost less than $5 to make since I had most of the stuff. I was inspired by the works of The Schlitzie, Luke the Belter, and others. The graflex is a Parks.
Luke ANH reveal lightsaber.jpg
Luke ANH reveal lightsaber (2).jpg
Luke ANH reveal lightsaber (3).jpg
Luke ANH reveal lightsaber (4).jpg

Luke the Belter

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I love it. You say it is a little bit crude but something so "crude" adds so much to your display.

I'm just curious about what Lego parts you've used and for what?

I'm glad I inspired you ;) it turned out really cool.


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As far as the lego parts, I used 4 minifigure lightsabers, 4 telescopes and some Technic connectors. The crystal "housing" is some rubber hose connectors.


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Thanks for the comments. There isn't much to "tutor" on this piece :), I just slapped some parts together with glue, I didn't really have much of a plan, just fiddled with some parts to see what I liked. The lego parts are all glued together on a rod, the hose connector are glued to fender washers (1 3/8 OD) and the hard drive spindle. The crystal is just sitting there :lol. The light source is one of those kid flashlight ring things with a blue LED.
That's about it really.
I had in mind doing something with a speaker grill for the chamber housing, but I couldn't find what I wanted.
I am really considering doing a reveal for my Obi Wan and Vader, but the Vader is going to be tricky since it doesn't split in the middle like the other two :confused
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