Luke Skywalker’s Dagobah DL-44


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I built an idealized version of the cast resin blaster prop Luke pulled on Yoda in Empire. I’ve always liked this prop because it has all of the coolest details from the ESB/ROTJ era. I believe that this prop was also used in ROTJ. At some point, the mounting bracket seems to have broken. I love the look of Lucasfilm’s repair, so I approximated it. Like my last blaster, this version started out as a Denix Mauser replica. The finish was stripped & the details were altered with metal files & sandpaper. The bare metal was refinished with aluminum black & then distressed with sandpaper. Pin holes & markings were filled and covered in black paint that was feathered into the finish. The aluminum replica scope was tinted bronze with transparent paints & then coated with a textured black paint that was chipped away (helped with chipping fluid). Even though it’s not accurate, I used as many metal parts as possible to give the prop a better “in person” appearance.
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Your detail and finish work is fantastic, but I'm afraid Luke never used this blaster! The one he pulled on Jabba was different, and his ESB blaster also had a different scope mount (mounted lower on the right side) and less greebling on the left side.
Came here to clarify that he did! It was what he pulled on Dagobah, and what sat in his holster for the entire duel. I believe this is what Vader caught as well, when Han's gun gets force pulled across the table.

Great job experimenting with finishes!
Thanks. As far as I know, the one he pulled on Yoda was a resin cast. One of the “bolts” holding the scope on actually had a pretty big chunk missing & the whole thing was painted black & silver. IIRC, the glass in the scope is actually a reflective sticker. Anyway, that’s the version I based this on. Lots of props of varying levels of finish were used in the movies—often changing noticeably between scenes. Given all that, I went with an idealized version that looks like a believable weapon in person. My handle is ebony stained wood, not painted resin, for example. I also like the way Lucasfilm fixed the scope mount later in production so I copied that. Apparently it snapped when the blaster was drawn from a holster. My goal is almost never to copy the actual prop, but to build an idealized version that looks the way it did on screen—which is totally subjective.
Looks great! I'm making one of these too. The flash hider finish came out particularly nice! I decided to put a knurl on the scope mount nuts on mine, if you look closely at the beater from the film you can see that there once was a knurl similar to the usual Bespin scope mount single nut.

Oh, and the "glass" in the scope is that weird reflector material they used on lots of ESB blasters, similar to what you might find on a fluorescent ceiling light cover.
Cant wait to see your interpretation! The original version with the Hensoldt-Wetzlar scope is iconic, but I always thought that this version looked more like a real weapon. IMO, it's the more impressive of the two versions that I've made when you see them in person. Even though everyone instantly recognizes the "Han Solo" blaster.

I remember seeing pretty high resolution production still from ESB that made it very clear that the glass was a reflective sticker of some kind. I was never sure exactly what it was--Thanks!
Mine is just about done, just a few bits to glue on. I have some pics in my blaster thread at Pedro's Blasters - Current projects: Muppet DL-44 and Beckett's DG-29. Finishing up the left side today I hope. :)

Here's a pic from the PropStore auction catalog that shows the lenses. These are on the Hoth DL-21s and A296s (A280s) as well. They even put a little circle on the tips of the SinglePoints. I'm not sure that the source has been found, mine are 3d printed. AFAIK there are 2 of these in the wild, this beater and another that's in much better shape, scope mount still intact. (you'll see pics of that one with a blue background floating around)
Very cool. I had assumed that the screws used to fix the broken scope mount were counter sunk. The shape of my scope mount is a bit off, making the repair a bit too high. Oh well, maybe I'll revisit it some day.
I resisted the temptation to try to match all the scratches and damage. There are a couple other good shots of it out there as well, pretty easy to see how the fix was done.
son of a gun they added a fake barrel tip and it's quite short!
Indeed! I'm sure that they had to stuff the tip of the flash hider to cast it. I'm assuming that this was the real barrel since it's cast from the ANH hero, and they clayed up the inside of the suppressor before molding (hence the dimples left over from the holes on the original).
Yea, not to get side tracked, I noticed the pistons are heavily thinned before being glued to the master and the gun cast includes the welded nuts for the original scope mount in ANH
Can I ask who made the flash hider?

Here are some more pics of the real stunt weapon, someone will find and appreciate it someday. :) Apologies if I'm hijacking your thread genZOD , your blaster is great!
image (3).jpg


And the "other one" that's in much better shape.

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