Limited Run LUKE ROTJ V2 empty saber run on IRA


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This is the “Official” run thread for the ROTJ V2

Solo’s Hold Presents


Custom Collector saber

This Saber is designed to be the most install Friendly saber of it's Kind

Now is your chance to own a limited run, screen accurate saber that you can finish any way you wish. You will have complete control over who does the install on your saber, whether you choose to do it yourself, work with a recommended installer, or choose another installer; it is completely up to you.

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There are 13 separate parts for this saber, more if you count all the fasteners and pieces I am not making.

The sabers will include the lever parts and the D ring, minus the Clamp, Chassis, and Clamp Card( or electronics) please see Group buy thread, and the Chassis will be available on Shapeways Store.

THE COST OF EACH SABER AS DESCRIBED is $282.00 + Paypal fee and Shipping, ( Priority Conus, and International will be Quoted at the time of project completion)

Non Refundable Deposit of 50% due at the time of Signing onto Run, Please Pay as Goods to SALES@SOLOSHOLD.COM via Paypal

Deposit Amount is $146.97, the remainder of the Balance is due at time of shipping and will have shipping quote added to it.

After the run closes, any extra sabers will not be at pre-order ( 30 day sign up) pricing.
After close Pricing is $370.00 + fees and shipping (based on location), Priority mail unless otherwise arranged.

Read more:

Read more:

There are very few LIMITED extra sabers from the project left in addition to the Pre-Order (Early adopters).
When they are gone they are gone forever.
If you would like one of the Limited Edition Collector sabers you can email me at
You can go here to the website and place your order if you are in the USA:
For international orders please email me to get shipping costs.
I will post lots more media as these ship out to their owners
You are welcome to Contact the following installers to complete your saber: All are members here on the RPF, and are Armory / Consortium members of the Imperial Royal Arms.
GOTH 3Designs
Scott juarez at
Crucible custom Props
Darth Alice Sabers…/…
For installations instructions GO here:
To get ROTJ clamp cards please contact

For Graflex clamps Please contact
Romans Empire Props here:
For all the chassis Parts please go here:…

Thank you and May the force be with you, Always.
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Highlighted are the threads, I am not showing everything, however you can see a MOCKUP electronics chassis, for all the PLector labs soundboards.

The bottom of the saber from the back of the clamp unscrews from the front section, the saber comes with 2 emitter fronts, 1 for display and another to install a blade.

The saber will have a chassis available for complete electronics installs.

The only parts that don't come with the sabers are the Graflex clamp, clamp card, and chassis will be availbe to order from 3d printer service.

There is also a switch solution for the sabers that will be available with the chassis. exploded V2.jpg
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Do you have pics on how the saber will come apart? :)

I am not revealing everything yet, but it will be fully installable, and have chassis available to install premium soundboards, and even comes with switches.

You can check the thread over there, I will try to keep this thread updated as well with information.

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Yes, I am closing the run to start production over the next several days.

its been open for almost 3 weeks. I posted here after I knew that some other projects were wrapping up here. We have been working on this since February, and the thread on the IRA will have more posts from the other people that are collaborating with me on this. I will update stuff here, but to get all the info that other people post its best to follow the link to the OP on the IRA where the official run is taking place.

thanks, Solo


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There are extra sabers available. Please see the run thread on the IRA in the link at top of page.

Full boogie coming up , thanks for your patience.

Solo & Co.


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ELECTRONICS CHASSIS ( will be available for all run members soon, and I will post a lot more information regarding the parts and where to get them)
Courtesy of Goth 3-Designs, who has collaborated on this project with us to make the best V2 possible.

11229570_520710928092283_6964513828328689763_o.jpg 12182666_520710918092284_8854863014873345346_o (1).jpg 1048101_516497181846991_8167044748568240239_o.jpg 12079972_516497171846992_5852648059392101223_o.jpg 12087044_516497178513658_7651833382053790504_o.jpg cropped.jpg
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Thanks, Courtesy of Co-Collaboration partner Goth 3-Designs for the V2 which will be available in multiple tiers, this is the UBER version for the Crystal Focus.

886060_520964148066961_3690846765462497613_o.jpg 905536_520964184733624_1164351053211856743_o.jpg 1921154_520964158066960_3270440953537773665_o.jpg 11032647_520964324733610_8772611780000996940_o.jpg 12189295_520964261400283_361176384689853454_o.jpg 12186493_520964171400292_3171064285581762792_o.jpg 12185347_520964174733625_8784479716725057018_o.jpg 12184070_520964328066943_1808732121697340572_o.jpg 12183970_520964181400291_2697813734786683782_o.jpg 12183945_520964161400293_6234119717532828568_o.jpg 12183793_520964144733628_8253928658396356115_o.jpg 12182862_520964311400278_1268885511352451979_o.jpg 12191317_520964254733617_8476700039028822775_o.jpg 12194646_520964274733615_3708161776844378345_o.jpg 12194699_520964188066957_193333808272789547_o.jpg

More to come we will be showing a fully working saber, along with lots of information regarding the chassis... thanks
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