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These are vintage Willson Welding Goggles used for Luke Skywalker's Goggles in the deleted Sandstorm sequence from Return of the Jedi. These are not the exact model used for the movie but are very, very close. All you'll need to convert these into an accurate replica is a new elastic strap, a small piece of leather to make a longer nose guard, some paint and hot glue for the detail.


-Genuine Willson Welding Goggles
-Genuine Willson Amber Lenses with case.
In order to attach these to the goggles you will need a shim or washer but that can easily be made of plastic styrene from your local model/ hobby shop.
-Replacement Polycarbonate Lenses in
Orange/ Amber

Pictures include the screen used Goggles for your reference.

Shipping included in the price if purchased within the United States. International PM me for exact shipping.


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