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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by saberdance, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. saberdance

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    Can anyone tell me where to get hold of a striped slide for the control box on a Luke ROTJ hero? I've seen some where the stripes seem to be a sticker-anyone know anything about that?
  2. franz bolo

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    Most of the one's I've seen were scratch built.

    Best thing might be to paint a stip of plastic gold, then use pinstriping tape for the stripes.

    Darth Saber has a good diagram for that saber.


    I believe that there is a 2.5mm gap between 12 stripes. I believe the entire thing is 49mm.
  3. SaberFreak

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    Are you looking for something like this?


    If you are, Darth_Pain makes and sells them. Not sure if he has anymore left though. Send him a PM and ask.
  4. Smiling Demon

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    The stickers were made by a member here a long time ago. They also made other replica pieces for sale. However, they haven't made any for sometime.

    You could make your own with some thick plastic and some black and gold paint.
    That's what I did..
  5. Darth_Pain

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    Thanks, for the plug SF.

    I made those boards for the shared stunt saber.
    I may be able to make some copper/black boards too. It depends If I can get the right copper tape. I have brush copper but no polished. The brushed, just looks funny to me,it's almost like a rosy color.

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