Luke Red 5 X-Wing Fighter pilot helmet


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Just got this guy finished up over my holidays. Kit is from BradleyFett, decals are from DarthHair. Apart from the white base colour that was out of a spray can, everything else was painted by hand with paintbrushes (and masking tape) and Humbrol enamels.

And before anyone points out that there should only be a black triangle on the ramhorn on ONE side, or that the black stripes along the sides of the Mohawk should stop and not carry on all the way to the front of the helmet, I painted this up based on the Lucasfilm Archives helmet which DOES have both of these features. :p




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The build came out very well. Great detailing.

Do you have a lot padding in the crown? You may want to remove some or all. If you take a look in the movies, the edge of the front of the helmet comes about two fingers width above the brow. Right now you have too much forehead showing, The padding looks good for the display most likely the display head is smaller than your head which is often the case.
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