Luke ESB 1:1 bust, my 1st 1:1 sculpt :)

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by billy1974, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. billy1974

    billy1974 Well-Known Member

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    Keep in mind, he is not yet painted, and has no eyebrows/eyelashes :unsure . This is my first 1:1 scale bust I have ever finished. I don't have much sculpting experience, just a few 12" scale figures I have made in the past, I didn't keep them :D . I want to say thanks to Tom(Wampa) for his help, advice, criticism, and brutal know what I mean Tom :confused . Anyway, let me know what you think guys, good and bad...I can take it...



  2. streetjudge79

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    That is your first sculpt? Not bad Billy, Not bad at all. I can't wait to see him with the eyebrows and eyelashes..
  3. Star Wars Man

    Star Wars Man Well-Known Member

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    eh, better than what i could do but...just lookin at it, i wouldnt know it is luke, srry, that is really brutal but...
  4. steveo

    steveo Sr Member

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    For a first sculpt I think you did an excellent job. While the bust looks very human, I'm afraid that it doesn't really resemble Mark Hamil. I know how difficult it is to get an exact likeness, but at least you tried and that's what should count. And if you're happy with it, then you've done your job. :)
  5. TomSpinaDesigns

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    For a first try, I'm impressed. Humans are tough, likenesses even tougher.

    IMO, the likeness is strongest in the nose... even the lips and mouth are close. In the 3/4 shot I think it looks closest.

    I'd love to see you trim the bottom of the chin a bit, as I think that's making his face look a little long.

    I also think that once you dirty up and mess up the hair it'll help too.

    Good job man,
  6. billy1974

    billy1974 Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for the compliments/comments guys. Like I said, it is my first 1:1 human sculpt so I am happy with how it came out. Unfortunately, I sculpted it over a hard mannequin head because I though having a solid base would help me, but it ended up hurting me because now there were things I couldn't change, such as the chin being too large. It was a learning experience though :D . I will also not sculpt while sitting on my bed, there is more cat hair in that sculpy than there is on my cat :lol . I never realized how hard it is just to make a bust look human/real, never mind capture a persons likeness. My hats off to the sculptors on this board that make it look so easy :thumbsup . I know the likeness is far from dead-on, I was going to put "Guess who this is supposed to be" in the title, but then I knew some wisea$$ would say something like "Abe Vigoda" :lol . I will make my next sculpt with the proper base and materials, and I know it will come out even better. I think I will try a different character, and try Luke again later, when I've had more practice. Bill
  7. Draven

    Draven Well-Known Member

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    That's really a great start if that is your first 1:1 sculpture..

    With it being just a head on it's own... I wouldn't immediately know who it was.

    However, stick it on a mannequin with one of his ESB outfits on - and it would really help to bring it all together, with no hesitation on who it was supposed to be.

    Keep it up and start the next one whilst you're on a roll.

  8. nash

    nash Well-Known Member

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    nice sculpt but honestly i dont see the likeness of luke. im sure you'll get it down with a little more work. keep it up.
  9. Funky

    Funky Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Hey. It's Abe Vigo......................
  10. rileyreplicas

    rileyreplicas Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Great job for a first time sculpting 1:1 :) I agree with what Tom said, from the 3/4 angle with the head looking to the left I would know it was supposed to be Luke. I can also say that I have NEVER tried sculpting a person's likeness so you are way ahead of me on that. lol Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more sculpts from you in the future :)
  11. darth_manu

    darth_manu Well-Known Member

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    pics don't load for me

    MR BARLOW Well-Known Member

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    I think its a good first sculpt. I do a lot of likeness sculpts and sometimes its maddening, very tough .. Im still finishing up an ESB Luke head ironically enough and I can say that hes a tough one with the ESB plastic surgery and all.

    Keep going, Id love to see your next bust :)

  13. trooperprop

    trooperprop Well-Known Member

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    Great try... Nose and mouth are very good.
    I also sculpt myself. I found out that every time you learn something new.
    Do you make pictures while sculpting? I do and it is very handey to see were things go wrong (or good).

    I just finished this yoda bust but it did turn out a little different as I wanted but
    with my making of photos I found uot were I went wrong.

    Keep up your great work :thumbsup :thumbsup


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