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Hello everyone, I'm looking to make a Luke Cage outfit for NYCC this year. This would be my first time doing any type of cosplay. Do you guys have any tips or suggestions on what I should do for various parts of Cage's outfit. Here is the model I want to re-create. Full Body Squat - Comic.jpg Luke_Cage_Marvel_XP.png Standing Pose - Comic.jpg


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I'm by no means an expert but i'm willing to offer my thoughts. if nothing else others might pile in and tell me where i'm going wrong.
Luckily he has a fairly straightforward costume so it just depends how accurate you want to be.

Also there's a few questions to ask.

firstly what kind of skill set have you got? can you sew, work with metal etc.

Also it depends on your body type. he's a pretty big guy. So you can either bulk up or build a muscle suit. or ignore that part altogether.

So i guess as a starting point you need a slim-fit yellow t-shirt. easy enough.
the thunderbolts can be done in a number of ways. Professionally printed, transfers, fabric paint or even a sharpie.

for the pants i'd begin with some sort of combat pants for convenience. the detail on the side can be done either by sewing on additional fabric or using puff paint.

For the arm pieces I'd be inclined to start with a pair of of fingerless gloves and some sort of fabric sleeves. I don't really know what they would be made of in the actual costume. You could take the sleeves from a regular long t-shirt or you could use some sort of leggings that have a vinyl kind of effect. stitch these together so that you have a continuous piece for each arm.
I'd then use something like EVA foam to make the rings. you can paint this with something like plasti-dip to give them a smooth metalic finish. I'd do the same with the belt.

these are just some broad ideas i had . If we knew what kind of accuracy you were going for and how you'd like to approach it you'll get better help.

good luck with it.


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For body type I would say I don't necessarily NEED a body suit. I'm not the most muscular guy but I feel I could pull it off with what I have now. I'm looking to get pretty accurate with his stuff. I have never done anything like this before so my skill set is completely beginner when it comes to sowing and metal work.

How should I go about lighting for the belt and bands?

I'm open to any tips or suggestions.

Thank you in advance for anyone who helps. Much appreciated!!

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For the bands, self-adhesive reflective/mirror sheets adhered to quart tumblers, or similar drinking cups like you would find at Walmart. Same sheets attached to styrene for the belt. You can add buckles and what not on top of them to finish out the look. To get the separated look on the gauntlets, 2 drinking cups per arm: One solid and slit long ways so it can go on your arm and the other cut in strips and covered in the sheets. Just a suggestion.



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The Cups could be good idea actually if you can find large enough ones.

for the lights you'll probably end up using LED's. each gauntlet would have a small battery pack, a switch and a couple of LED's you can get all of these in a Maplin or equivalent.
all of the wires can be hidden under the surface. you'll just need some kind of plastic material to cut the different size circles out of to act as lenses.
you should be able to learn to wire these circuits very easily online.

on the other hand you might get lucky and find something pre-made that you can modify for your own needs. Maybe some battery operated fairy lights or something.

for the belt you may be able to use something pre-made. maybe one of those little household lights that you can mount under shelves.
something like these
Just build up the foam material around those and they should look decent enough.

Can i ask where you're working from? just so i know what kind of shops and stuff you might have access to?
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