Star Wars Luke ANH Stormtrooper Belt

Sold for 225 USD - Out of Stock
This is a replica of the Stormtrooper Belt worn by Luke in ANH and includes the following:

-Canvas belt adjustable via velcro from 36" to 38" waist
-Ammo Belt from ABS Plastic
-Drop Boxes from ABS Plastic
-Leather Holster
-Screen accurate Comlink made with Original Vintage parts by Ghostbuster Dan.
-Screen accurate metal clip for the comlink.

All this needs is the grappling hook with the box and an E-11.


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Psab keel

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These have been made using GENUINE Reade model aircraft cylinders, not copies or reproductions. The mic tips installed are casted and made by Mark at Cast from Original (CFO) so are of the highest quality and based on the original Hovi Mic tip, they are the best mic tips I could find, and as the rear end is pure speculation on what the part is, we use an inner nub of a second mic tip (as it’s logical they would have used it in construction back in 1976).

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